I feel so slothful this morning. I just feel like a lump…an unmotivated lump. I really should be working, but I need a break.

We had a great weekend. Saturday Matt worked while I went with Mary Kathryn and Emily to Clinique for makeovers. The three of us then went to the latino festival in downtown Lexington to watch some dancing, then back to Em’s place to get into our pretties for a hot date. Our hubbies picked us up at Kevin and Emily’s wearing suits and bearing flowers (gerber daisies – my favorite!). We all walked to Le Deauville, a cute little French restaurant in Lex, for dinner. It was the most amazing meal of my life so far! Matt and I shared beef carpaccio, rack of lamb with julienned veggies and a neato potato dish I can’t explain, and an apple carmel tart for dessert. Yum…Thank God we shared – our bill was only $50. The other two couples probably spent around $100 each. OUCH! We sat there for almost 3 hours just talking and eating and having a great time. We sat at a table right near the open patio, so we got to really enjoy the cool evening air. Two things would have made the night better: more comfortable chairs and a nice glass of red wine. The chairs were these awful wobbly bits of wood. You’d think for as much as we paid for our meals, they would have thrones ready for us! 🙂 Even so, it was really nice to get dressed up and go out with good friends. After dinner we all went back to Kevin and Emily’s and played “The Newlywed Game”. Fun, fun, fun! 🙂

Sunday was okay. I woke up with a headache so bad I thought my eyes were boiling and melting onto my pillow. I couldn’t even rest it was so painful. I got up, tried to make breakfast, but really ended up whining from the recliner until almost 1:00. After the headache finally subsided, I was able to go back to bed. After my nap, I got up, showered and was ready to start the day! We partied at Wal-Mart for a little bit, got Quiznos for dinner and watched In Good Company. Great flick…

Now we have balanced our checkbook and are going to try to screech by until Friday. It was a fun weekend, but you always end up paying for it, you know? I talked with my little sis, Kelly, this morning only to find out that she and her new hubby, Brandon, just bought all new bedroom and dining room furniture to go in their new house with their new living room furniture. I know that God has blessed Matt and I in ways we could never dream, but it’s so hard to know that my younger sister has much nicer things and a lot more money than we do. Geez…I’m so jealous! Lord, help me to not feel this way! 🙂 I couldn’t be happier for them though. They’re doing so well…really.

Okay – I’m going to get back to work. I actually had a really great post that I wrote earlier, but when I went to publish it, my computer blanked out and I lost it all. ARGH! Oh well…you’ll just have to be happy with this one!



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