>ALRIGHT ALREADY! Here’s your update Krista…

>I really think my friend Krista is the only one who looks at this. She sent me an e-mail today badgering me about how I haven’t updated in a few days! Sorry babe – I’ve been out of it. Not a lot has been happening around here. Actually, that’s a lie. Someone in my office turned in their resignation today – GASP! I’m thinking of applying for the job, but not sure if they’d hire me for it. It’s a counselor position, and I could do that job in a snap, but they officially require the applicant to have an undergraduate degree, which I do not have. Sucks, huh? I’ve been chatting with my boss about it, and we’re going to pray and decide what I should do. It would be a pretty good pay raise, and I would get to travel (which is awesome!). We’ll see…Krista – you be prayin’ for me girl!

So I looked at Ticketmaster.com today about the Bonnie Raitt tickets, and I think they’re sold out. YIKES! I don’t think Mom bought them yet. I’m going to be so bummed if we missed it.

My friend Dawn e-mailed me last night asking if I wanted to be her partner in the Amazing Race. She’s CRAZY! First of all, I really can’t take that much time off work. Second of all, I’M NOT COORDINATED AT ALL! I’m a big wimp that doesn’t like running and craziness. I hate to tell her no, because I think it would be fun if it weren’t a race, but I just can’t.

So, yesterday Matt and I went with some amigos to Boyds Orchard in Versailles (local yokels pronounce this word “Ver-sails” not “Ver-sigh” like it should be). We picked apples and walked around enjoying the pretty trees. There were rotten apples everywhere, and everyone but me was grossed out by it. They reminded me of the house I grew up in. We had a couple apple trees in our back yard there, and I remember having to mow the grass through patches of fallen, rotten apples. It was gross then, but now it’s just one of those things that makes me miss home. I’m such a freak.

So – tonight I think I’ll fold laundry, clean the bathroom and dining room, then sit on my fat a$$ and watch some TV. It’s been a crazy day, and I totally deserve to veg out. Does anyone else wish Extreme Makeover Home Edition was on every night? I do…I freakin’ love that show…

Peace out!


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