>Learning some Spanish

>Yo estoy aburrido.

This is Spanish for “Oh my goodness, when the heck can I go home?” Seriously – I have been in this language lab for like 10 hours now, and I’m still waiting on Matt to get off work so he can pick me up. Okay – it’s really only been 90 minutes or so, but STILL! I’m bored! I’m really tired of this class. I like Spanish, and my teacher is really nice, but I want to quit! I feel stupid for saying that. You should have seen Matt’s face when I told him that this morning. He shot me a look that said, “Are you KIDDING me? Do you know how many hours I’m taking right now? Can you even comprehend how much work I do for my classes? I read and write for hours every day, never complaining, and you have the audacity to bitch about your stinking 101 Spanish class that you’re getting an A in?” … or something like that. Really- he’s just not supportive at all. 🙂 (I’m just kidding – my mother will probably bitch at me for saying that about Matt. She’ll say something like, “He’s the best thing that’s ever happened to this family, so you had better do everything in your power to keep him happy!!!” She always sticks up for him…)

I think I’m just tired of going to the stupid language lab. I hate this place. First of all, it’s really warm in here, and it makes me sleepy. Second, the stupid recordings don’t give you enough time to answer the questions they ask. It takes me a few seconds to form my answers, and by the time I’m saying the answer, they’re already moving on to the next question. It’s maddening. I only have 8 more classes though – then I am done! I think I’ll reward myself with a trip to Mexico or something for all the hard work I was supposed to do this semester…

Hace mucho frio.

This is Spanish for “Holy Crap! Where’s my friggin’ coat?” I know it’s only 30 degrees today, and it’s definitely going to get colder before it gets warmer, but I’m sick of it! I think I’ll just start hibernating like a bear or something. I’ll cuddle up underneath my comfy down comforter and sleep/watch television/eat ice cream all winter. Sounds good…

Yo tengo hambre.

Spanish for “Do I have any more of that cheese popcorn in my pantry?” I’m hungry. I had a little leftover spaghetti for lunch today, but that was six hours ago. I’m dying for a glass of milk and some steamed broccoli. yummmmm….broccoli….


1 thought on “>Learning some Spanish

  1. >You know the running joke with the students I met in Europe is:If you are tri-lingual you know 3 languages, if you are bi-lingual you know 2 languages and if you only know one language you are an American!I felt pretty stupid when I was told this…then I shook it off. I took French for 7 years…yeah I can get by on the basics but I don’t think telling the lady at the airport checkin counter that I have “deux baggage” (2 bags) counts as being knowledgable about the language!I was thinking of taking up german or something like that…then I remembered I like watching the TV too much to take a class..plus I could do it on tape, but then I remembered it is hard enough to find time to read much less fall asleep to someone trying to teach me German on tape…Then I figure once I learn German, I have to get out there and use it…that means I have to go to Germany or Austria (which I want to go back and see) or countess other European countries…then I remembered I am too poor to put gas in my car…so I guess that is out and I will return to be a sad American sitting on my couch gazing at the TV!Ahh…the life!

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