>I just want some pizza…

>I’m so hungry!

I got my wisdom teeth cut out Friday. It sucks. It sucks so bad! I’ve had that blood/saliva taste in my mouth for almost a week now, and all I really want to do is eat a slice of Brooklyn Pizza! I’m actually healing fairly well. No dry sockets or anything. I do have a spot on my chin that is still numb (probably nerve damage), so that’s kinda weird. It’s funny to kiss Matt and only feel it on 3/4 of my lips!

Mom and Dad came down Thursday night and stayed until Sunday to help my sorry butt out. Actually, it turns out I didn’t need much help. I just wanted someone to whine to! Mom is so efficient though. She did all of our laundry, all of our dishes, cleaned (she even dusted the bathroom scale…who does that?), and cooked. It was so nice having them around. I actually felt great Saturday, so Mom, Dad and I went out shopping and stuff while Matt worked. I went to bed sure that I had kicked this oral surgery crap right in the butt. I woke up Sunday with my face swollen to twice its normal size. Mom and Dad took that as their cue to get the heck out of dodge, and they left Matt all alone to deal with one grouchy patient. I went back to work yesterday with only a fair amount of pain and not really any swelling left. I actually ate some semi-solid foods last night, and I’m thinking by Saturday I’ll be ready for real food. I’m so sick of soup, I could puke.


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