>Reunited…and it feels so good!

>I’m so sorry to have not posted anything in so long. I have been pretty busy, but to be honest with you, I have wasted my blogging time on other things. I’ve been watching movies, driving all over creation, working my little fingers to their bones and (of course) shopping until I actually drop. I do apologize for neglecting you…whoever you are. Do I even have an audience?

Since I last posted, so much has happened. Where to begin?

Matt is doing well. He was certified as a candidate for ordination last month, so this whole pastor thing is really coming along. He’s always doing well with his classes, so that should come as no surprise. Married life continues to be amazing and surprising all at once. I’m always so thankful that I have a husband who adores me, and lets me know it all the time…

We found out that Kelly and Brandon are having a girl. I’m so thrilled! Her name will be Kamryn Diane, and we should be meeting her on or around August 20th. I’m pretty stinkin’ honored to be the little sweetie’s middle-namesake. I even went through the first of what is sure to be many shopping phases for my tiny neice. Clothes, blankets, stuff for her nursery…I’m buying it all. I even put together a little gift basket of fun things for Kelly to take to the hospital with her. Can you imagine how much money I will spend when it’s my own baby??? We’re all so excited. It’s weird to think that in just a few weeks my parents will be grandparents. I wonder if it has hit them yet?

Speaking of my parents, they’re celebrating their 32nd anniversary tomorrow. 32 years! I don’t think I could be more thankful. Most of you know that 2 years ago they were separated, so the fact that they are back together and renewing their relationship is amazing. God, you are SO GOOD!

Robert is doing well – as far as I can tell anyway. The boy never calls me. He moved to West Lafayette to live with his band, LUSH. They’re apparently doing pretty well. Big praise: he is starting at Ivy Tech in the fall. YAY!

Most of my energy has been focused towards work lately. We hosted the annual NACCAP conference (http://www.naccap.org/) here at Asbury, and I did a pretty big chunk of the planning and organizing for it. During the week of the conference, I seriously worked almost 70 hours. It was crazy. My paycheck was pretty nice though! After the conference, our Assistant to the Director moved to Wisconson with her hubby and kids, so I got bumped up to her position. It sucks that she’s gone, but again, the pay raise is nice. Next week we are saying goodbye to one of our Admissions Counselors as she is moving to Alabama to be in campus ministry at Auburn, and at the end of the summer another Counselor is moving to Spain for 10 months. Will the transition ever end???!!! It’s a little stressful, but we know that God is good and He has great folks lined up to fill our office.

That’s all for now…I do promise to try to get on here more often.



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