>Checking In

>I know I promised I would be blogging more lately, but I’ve just been so busy! Who is tired of hearing me talk about how busy I am? (Katie raises her hand emphatically from behind her monitor…) Sometimes I think that if could just get rid of this job, I would have all kinds of time to do the things I need to do! Who wants to pay me to not work? (No one? Really?)

So that I don’t turn myself into a liar (again), I have decided to share some of my new favorite websites with my dear readers (reader? anyone out there?). Just a few faves that have been keeping my attention lately…

www.jellyfish.com – shopping has never been so much fun! It’s like a game and a bargain hunt all rolled into one. Give it a shot!

www.foundmagazine.com – interesting to peruse – it’s amazing what people actually leave lying around!

www.rottentomatoes.com – great movie reviews, showtime listings, etc. all in one place!

http://gsalr.com – Who loves garage sales? If you do, you’ll really love this website. You can search for sales in your area, click the ones you want to visit, and the website will produce the route for you! Amazing…

Okay – I’m done for now. I do have actual work to do. (I’m stalling on this 8 page newsletter I’m trying to publish…blech.) Peace out!


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