>Random Memory

>Matt and I were at a friend’s house last night for youth group pool party. On our way home, he didn’t exactly stop at a railroad crossing, and I made a comment akin to “smooth move ex-lax!” As images of my car smashed by a train entered my brain, a random childhood memory popped in, and I thought I’d share with you. (Aren’t you so lucky?)

I grew up on the south side of Indianapolis – just 7 miles from downtown. There was a train track right near our neighborhood that crossed over a busy road. Years and years ago, everyone in the neighborhood got a letter from the city saying that there would be a public service announcement filmed RIGHT IN OUR NEIGHBORHOOD! Something about people racing to beat trains, blah, blah, blah.

Everyone in the ‘hood packed coolers, folding chairs, etc. and made the trek to the end of the street to watch the filming. Traffic was stopped both ways, and an old junker car (occupied by two crash-test dummies) was placed on road in the path of the train. The tension built as we saw a train slowly move up and stop about 100 yards from the car. When it was time, the train sped up to what looked like 25 miles an hour and KABLOOIE! smashed that car to smithereens. It was an exciting day…

I’m not sure how old I was, but I know I was old enough to realize that we all looked like stupid rednecks watching this take place. I still think of those poor crash-test dummies being killed as we all watched. So…um…don’t race the train! Stop at the tracks. PSA out.


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