>How the Bitch Stole Christmas

>We went to my mom & dad’s last night to celebrate Kamryn’s (my neice) 2nd birthday. We had pizza, ate a giant cookie cake thing, and looked at Kelly and Brandon’s pictures from their recent trip to Disney World. It was a great night with family that I’ve really been missing lately.

Dad and Kamryn have this weird little game they play where she will grab the “How the Grinch Stole Christmas!” DVD off the shelf, run to Dad, smack him in his knee with the case, and he’ll smack his other knee. She laughs and laughs and LAUGHS, and then Dad laughs and laughs and laughs while we all look on wondering what the heck is so funny. It’s really kind of cute…

Last night Dad was the first to get the DVD out, and he brought it to Kamryn, obviously wanting to play (isn’t this adorable?). She then proceeded to tell us all about the “Bitch” who stole Christmas. Um…WHAT?

Of course, we kept asking her to repeat herself. (Some said they wanted to make sure they were hearing her right, but I just wanted to hear that sweet little voice say “bitch” over and over!) We soon corrected her, and after a few tries, she finally got it.

Have any fun cussing kids stories? Do tell…


3 thoughts on “>How the Bitch Stole Christmas

  1. >Hahaha…wow, that is TOO funny. When I was little my “first cuss word” (ah, the milestones) came out when I was sitting at the breakfast table with my grandparents and mother — I looked at my plate and said, “the damn bacon’s not crisp!”To this day, my grandfather still says that any time my grandmother cooks him bacon. 🙂

  2. >When Chris was in 1st grade he noticed a word written on the wall of the bathroom. He reported it to his teacher, mispronouncing it in the process. Later in the day, he was mulling the phonics in his head and informed his teacher that he had seen a different word, one that followed the rule of “duck.” The custodian was quickly sent to wash the bathroom wall.

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