>Random Stuff…

>1. I filled my gas tank last night for less than $30. First time in YEARS!

2. I am expecting four boxes of Pampered Chef items to be delivered to my house today. I have been checking the FedEx tracking site every 15 minutes since 7:30 this morning to see if they have been delivered. Regardless of when they come, I’m still at work until 5:30. Why am I so stinking excited about this stupid delivery? Geez…

3. We went to Veedersburg to see our new house yesterday. There were some people there painting and cleaning for us when we got there, so we got to meet some new faces. I’m excited about our paint colors, but concerned about the “old person’s house” smell that seems to have permeated the entire place. Anyone know how to get rid of these odors?

4. 6 days until the moving truck arrives. Am I done packing? No. Am I excited about the move? A little. Am I sad to leave Noblesville? Yes. Am I ready for this whole thing to be done? Absolutely!

5. We’re moving to a land where there is no digital cable, so now we are looking into getting a Tivo. If you have one, please share your thoughts with me. We don’t know anyone that owns a Tivo, but really can’t live without being able to record our shows. What can I say? We’re spoiled…


5 thoughts on “>Random Stuff…

  1. >How exciting for all of those things! I don’t know how to get rid of old people smell, but I would assume it wouldn’t have anything to do with mothballs. At all. I’m hoping your new chapter in life will hurry up and get here! And that the pampered chef stuff got there too.:)

  2. >Oh no, not the dreaded old people smell! I wonder, when we get older…will we mind it? Lol. Anyway…Open your windows…steam clean the carpet…clean the air vents/filters…Have fun with the new pampered chef stuff!

  3. >i agree with karen- use a steam cleaner (you can usually rent one from grocery stores). also- there are vacuum (sp?!) sprinkles that you sprinkle on the carpet that helps w/ odor eliminating, etc. they work pretty well. maybe getting rid of old curtains or other fabrics that could retain the smell.your house is going to look so pretty when you get done with it- wish i could come up and help unpack. love you!

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