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Laissez Les Bons Temps Roulez!

As you’re reading this, I am currently in New Orleans with my mom and sister, hopefully having a great time. Since I’m writing this about a week ahead of time, I can’t say for sure. I am sure that I’m missing my hubby and my cats and my own bed though!

For today’s edition of Tuesday Tunes, I’m going to introduce you to one of my absolute favorite musicians right now. His name is Marc Broussard, and since he is from Louisiana, I thought it was only too appropriate to bring him to you now.

He’s got a killer blues voice, beats that will command uncontrollable car dancing, and a stage presence that had me in a trance. Seriously folks – his live show is one of the best I have EVER SEEN! He’s great…and I hope you enjoy him too.

I couldn’t embed this video, so please click this link to go to You Tube and watch it yourself. You won’t be sorry! This is probably his biggest hit, “Home.” If you’re not at least tapping your feet by the middle of the song, you should probably check for a pulse.

CLICK ME! You won’t be sorry…

HOME – Marc Broussard

Rolling down the road
Going no where
Guitar packed in the trunk
Somewhere round mile marker 112
Papa started hummin the funk
I gotta jones in my bones before we know
We were singing this melody
Stop the car pulled out the guitar
Halfway to New Orleans

Said take me home
Take me home

Could feel the sun about to rise
When I realized we ad nothing to fear
It’s just me and my daddy and a kid named Cope
Making music that nobody would hear
And then the sun let up and it split the night

Said take me home
Take me home
Said take me home
Said take me home

This greyhound is delta bound mama
Baby boy done finally found
Said this greyhound is delta bound mama
Said take me home

Hot damn you should have felt the groove
Like I was swimming in a sea of soul
The sun was rising and the day was hot
And we was all about to lose control
My daddy turned his face up towards the sky
And I knew that there was nothing to lose
I felt the crow breathe in and I closed my eyes
And we disappeared into the groove

Said take me home
Said take me home
Take me home
Said take me home

Straight from the water
Straight from the water children
You don’t know nothing about this

Take me home
Said take me home


2 thoughts on “>Tuesday Tunes – Home

  1. >Thanks for helping get the word out about Marc – I work with him and he’s awesome. Unfortunately his parent music company (Warner) removed ALL of their artists videos from YouTube – bummer! Rock on.

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