>TUESDAY TUNES – Discover your own!

> I have been away at a conference for work, and will be leaving tomorrow for vacation with Matt’s family. I have hardly had time to listen to myself think lately, let alone listen to music! I hate that I don’t have a Tune for you today, but I want you to go out and discover your own Tuesday Tune today!

Have you heard of Pandora? It’s a great website – especially if you like to discover new artists. It’s so easy: go to Pandora.com, enter the name of an artist you enjoy, and a station will be created just for you according to your tastes! You can tell Pandora if you like a song (thumbs-up) or not (thumbs-down), and Pandora will continue to hone the station for you. I love it! Because of Pandora, I have discovered the Wailin Jennys, Sugarland, Mick McAuley, and lots of others.

Go there. Enjoy some Tunes this fine Tuesday. Hopefully I’ll be back with a fabulous road trip song for you. I’ll be looking for inspiration as we drive to Gatlinburg and back this week!


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