>The bravest thing I’ve done in a long time…

>It took some coaxing by my husband and sister, but today I did something so brave – so daring! – that I wouldn’t believe I actually did it except I have pictures…

Y’all…I wore LEGGINGS! in PUBLIC!

How do you all feel about leggings? I remember when they were huge back when I was in 5th grade. Ohmygoodness – girls in my class wore them ALL THE TIME! I never did though. I thought I was too fat to get away with it, so I steered clear. My friend Stephanie wore them though, and she looked awesome in them. I always was a little jealous that she made those things work.

I hadn’t intended on hopping onto the legging bandwagon when they came around again recently. I’m fat guys – it’s generally unadvisable to swath my tush in stretchy fabrics. But Matt and I were out shopping the other day, and I found this cutie-patootie sweater dress that immediately made me think, “This would look so cute with some black leggings!” What the WHAT? Who was that skinny girl talking about leggings in my brain? Surely it wasn’t me. I don’t wear leggings. I’m fat, remember? I took the dress to the fitting room anyway, and tried it on (along with a few other fabulous, although not as daring, items). I took pictures of myself wearing these items and texted them to my sister. “What do you think? Yes or no?” She texted back her complete support and excitement for these purchases, and I waltzed out of the mall swinging my bag happily.

I had a big day today, and needed to look nice. I decided that today might be the day to debut the leggings. I put everything on together, popped my feet in some fun red flats and made Matt take pictures of me to send to my sister. (I know – I just wasn’t sure! I can’t believe I kept pestering her. She’s a mom with a 4 year old and a newborn nursing baby! Gah…she has so many better things to be doing!)

This morning I woke up, got ready and put those leggings on. I got a hundred (okay, maybe 5 or 6) compliments about my outfit, and I felt fabulous all day long! YAY! Let’s forget for a moment that I looked cute, but those leggings are completely comfortable! Y’all, they were more comfortable than my yoga pants! I felt comfy and looked great. Bonus! Grand Slam! Touchdown! Awesome!

Please don’t tell me if there’s some sort of “fat girls don’t wear leggings” rule that I broke today. If leggings are wrong for me, I don’t want to be right!

That up there is my Goddaughter, Tiffany, and her mom, my good friend for like ever, Amanda and me (wearing the above mentioned outfit). Tiffany was baptized today, and it was the most amazing thing. Over 10 years ago, Amanda asked me to be Tiff’s Godmother, and it has been one of the greatest honors of my life. Thank you Lord for an amazing young woman Tiffany is turning out to be!

3 thoughts on “>The bravest thing I’ve done in a long time…

  1. >Katie! You look fabulous- way to rock the leggings! I was nervous to try them last fall because I had so many student workers who wear them. I didn't know they would be "age appropriate" but I got some and love them! My next purchase will be a sweater dress that I can wear them with. Thanks for the inspiration 🙂

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