The one where I had a moment with The Pioneer Woman…

Last week The Pioneer Woman held a photo contest on her website, and asked for submissions of flower photos.  I remembered one that I took back in the fall, and thought I might throw it in the mix.  Here is the shot:

I love this photo! This is SOOC – no editing whatsoever.  Doesn’t it make you really wish spring were here? (Not that all this snow doesn’t do that for me anyway, but still…)

Apparently Ree enjoyed this photo too, because out of 12,000+ entries, mine was picked for consideration!  I was so thrilled! Click here if you want to see the post where she included my shot. Not only did she choose my photo for this group, but she used it as the feature photo from that group for her page!  Trust me when I say I visited her page 50 times that day to watch my photo rotate through on her home page.  Here’s a screenshot…

Cool, right?  This is small beans, really, but it felt like my 15 minutes or something!  Plus, I got lots of great comments on my photo!  I wanted to include them here for my family and friends who aren’t going to fish through tons of comments to see them:

Debbie M. On Sunday, January 30 at 9:16 am

I absolutely love this picture. My personal opinion is floral should be SOOC. I love to photoshop myself but someone said it perfectly in another comment…looks like postcards. That would be a great assignment….create a postcard picture. I think there is so much to learn from all of these assignments. My comment is in no way negative. I love everyone’s creativity and look forward to future assignments.+

Mary On Sunday, January 30 at 10:38 am


How fantastic is your SOOC shot! I would vote for your photo in a heartbeat. I always leave Ree’s photo contests thinking, “is this a Photoshop contest ?”. Evidently it is. That is not to say that all the submitted photos aren’t gorgeous but that it just seems a little unreal.

OH-Ang On Sunday, January 30 at 11:04 am

BRAVO Katie!! Let’s hear it for the SOOC picture. To me it is the BEST!!!

Sheila On Sunday, January 30 at 5:49 pm

I love, love, love your shot Katie!! Thanks so much for sharing it with us all ~ beautiful!

JulieJ On Sunday, January 30 at 8:15 am

Went back to admire some more, and that “Burst” shot by katieswisher is one of the most breathtaking I’ve seen. Makes my heart happy!

Natalie V2 On Sunday, January 30 at 8:42 am

Katieswisher… what a bloom! I love it’s unaltered beauty. Makes me want to buy seeds today. Reminds what is wonderful about walking through a garden… seeing those earnest, unassuming flowers facing the sun, natural and simply beautiful.

Sheryl W On Sunday, January 30 at 8:34 pm

Love katieswisher flower. The focus is spot on, and the color is SO refreshing :)

And here are the comments my shot got on Flickr:

  1. Photo Wind (9 days agoreplydelete)

    Nice photo, Katie! Great detail, as well! 

  2. jill_dahl(5 days ago)

    Beautiful shot! congrats on being named to Pioneer Woman’s Group 6!

  3. CindyD49(5 days ago)

    Wonderful photo! Congrats on being included in Group 6!

  4. Tami Loving Life(5 days ago)

    Congrats on being chosen for PW’s Group Six!

  5. corynnchan and ArtByChrysti added this photo to their favorites.

  6. robinw03(5 days ago)

    Congratulations on being in PW’s group 6!

  7. SelahRain(5 days ago)

    What kind of flower is this? It’s beautiful! Great shot!

  8. murpheyblue {ali c} (5 days ago)

    Gorgeous! Congrats on PW! The color and composition are stunning!

  9. *Focus(5 days ago)

    Great shot… longing for the Spring.


I’m so completely flattered! This definitely spurs me on to improve my photography skills.  If you guys are interested in seeing more of my shots, you can check out my Flickr photostream at

Anyway, I didn’t get chosen for the finals, so I didn’t win the contest.  I really would have liked to win, but I am seriously honored (and a little shocked) that I was considered!


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