My Lenten Fast – First Sunday Report

Today is the first Sunday of Lent – the first day I have been on Facebook since Wednesday.  (Sundays don’t count during Lent)  I have to say that my fast is going fairly well.  I have had very few instances where I felt tempted to get log on and see what was happening.  I made Matt log into my Facebook account yesterday to check on a friend of ours living in Japan to make sure she and her family were okay.  Other than that, I’ve stayed away.  It’s been good, I think.  I take a little pride in the fact that the temptation hasn’t been too strong and that I have not logged on once.  But another part of me feels as though I should feel more tempted somehow.  I don’t know – like I want to punish myself or something during Lent.  🙂

I think it’s really interesting how people have reacted to my fast.  Some people react as though they don’t think I can really do it – a sort of, “Oh yeah? Well, we’ll see how long this lasts” reaction.  Others have commented in ways that make me feel like they are policing my fast.  I’ve been called a cheater for the link that went up when I last blogged and for the photos that were posted.  In my defense, I explain that the link was posted from Twitter, and that the photos were shared from my iPhoto software – I didn’t log on to FB once.  Shame on me for even feeling as if I need to defend myself though.  This fast is between me and my Lord – not anyone else.  He and I have set the parameters for this fast, and He and I will work out my “cheating” as such.

I feel that, for the most part, a Lenten fast should not be publicized much.  I feel like it is something very personal.  Each person makes their decision on what to fast (or not) for very personal reasons, and it really doesn’t matter what others think.  I feel like I shouldn’t have said anything about fasting from Facebook, because doing so has created a spectacle (of very small proportions).  At the time, I felt like people needed to know that they couldn’t get a hold of me on Facebook – I didn’t want to seem rude when I wasn’t replying!  Now I think I should have just slipped away unannounced.  Oh well…

My intentions for the fast were pure, and I know that – no matter how much I am being called into question.  Not spending so much time attached to Facebook has freed me for better productivity at work and at home and a clearer mind that isn’t clouded by thoughts of what everyone is doing or saying.  It feels good to know that when I did break my fast and log on to FB today, I was only on for about 10 minutes – tops.  Perhaps this fast is breaking my social media addiction? 🙂  Time will tell…

I hope you all are having a good Lent.  It’s an interesting concept – one I’m not theologically trained to discuss much – but I feel like this time of preparation is being used well for me.  I feel the rumblings of something happening here – perhaps there will be a smaller, much less meaningful resurrection of my own in the coming weeks…


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