The assignment here was to write a poem about an embarrassing moment.  I am a huge klutz  and have many MANY embarrassing moments to choose from, but at the moment I was writing this, I could only think of one.  The poem explains it pretty well.

Please remember as you read this that, while I was a Christian when this poem was written, I was NOT a Christian when the moment happened.  And for those church members who might be reading this, this moment does NOT feature your pastor. No need to have a talk with him about some scandalous teenaged romance history.

Okay – disclaimer aside.  Enjoy one of the most horrifying moments of my life…


His hand is on the small of my back
Working its way to the hooks of my bra.
The passion and desire mix thickly 
And form a paste in the air.
With my hands in his hair, he lays back
And suddenly I am on top of him
Staring into his eyes that are swimming in desire.

I bring my mouth to his and burp in his face.
The sweet paste of passion falls
And we are frozen with nothing between us
But the sour smell of Sprite.

Katie Swisher (née Kermeen)
September 29, 1999

Gross, right?  


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