>I’m allergic to the phone…

>I have formed a new theory today. Hear me out – it’s a good one.

I believe that each person is born with a set amount of phone time. Some people plan their time wisely and stretch it out over years to last until death. I, on the other hand, blew my entire phone allowance when I was a teenager. Therefore, I am no allergic to the telephone.
When I was in high school, I would spend all moments not in school either sleeping or on the telephone – sometimes both at the same time. I would spend HOURS on the phone with whatever boyfriend I might have at the time and then call my best friends to tell them everything I had just discussed with the boyfriend. I would take a small break to do trivial things like shower, eat or homework, then I would be right back on the phone with said boyfriend to “say goodnight”. Ridiculous…

Now I CAN’T STAND THE PHONE!!! Every time it rings at work, I cringe. And let me tell you what: I strongly believe that Caller ID is the best invention of our time. Seriously. If it’s not my mother, I’M NOT PICKING UP! It’s like I have forgotten how to talk on the phone. Obviously that’s not the case, so the only other logical explanation is that I have used my lifetime phone allowance and am now rendered allergic to using the telephone.

Now, there are a few of you who are reading this and thinking, “What a witch! She’s been avoiding my calls!” That’s not entirely true. I have not singled you out – I am avoiding EVERYONE’s calls! I love you – really I do. I just don’t have the energy to talk on the phone anymore. I’m way too busy working and cleaning and running errands and grown-up crap like that. I would rather just get together with you in person…let’s make a date! πŸ™‚

That said, I had a fun day today. Matt had to work, so rather than being stuck at home all day (We only have one car. My office is seriously not even a mile away. I walk a lot.), I decided to take him in and use the car for errands. I piddled around Target for a while (one of my favorite stores), went to the mall for a while and then decided to get my hair cut. Now, let me tell you, my hair hasn’t really been cut since September of 2003. I have had it trimmed a couple times, but other than that, it has just grown and grown and grown. Plus, I have been taking pre-natal vitamins lately (we’re not pregnant – it’s just in case…) and they make my hair and nails grow FAST! So, this morning I woke up with hair half-way down my back. Tonight my hair just hits my shoulders (and flips out just a smidge – very cute!). I love it! Anyway – after the haircut I decided that I didn’t want to drive the 20 miles back to Wilmore, so I went to see a movie. I really wanted to see Brokeback Mountain, but no one was showing it around the time I wanted, so ended up seeing Dreamer. If you have a heart at all, you will love this movie! I thought it was great. I don’t know what it is – maybe I’ve just lived in the Lexington area for too long – but I’m really beginning to love horses! They’re just beautiful animals. Plus, the horse farms around here are fab-you-luss. Gorgeous, lush, green, rolling hills with white fences as far as you can see. It’s awesome. Dreamer was filmed near my house in Versailles, KY, so it was fun watching it and thinking, “I know that farm! I drive by that place all the time!” Cute movie. After the movie I went to Joseph Beth Booksellers, and had a reall nice 2 hours to myself. Joe-Beth is a HUGE bookstore/music store/cafe that has some of the most amazingly comfortable chairs you will ever find. I went in, headed straight to the “Staff Picks” shelf (my favorite place to find new books) and picked up “Cash” by Johnny Cash. I don’t know why I was interested in that. Usually I like fiction, but something about that book just called to me. Once I picked out the book, I headed to a comfy chair near a fireplace and read for a few hours. GREAT BOOK. I’m totally going to buy it – just not from Joe-Beth. They’re so expensive. After my reading, I went to listen to some music and ended up buying Marc Broussard’s “Carencro” CD. LOVE IT. I then went to the mall to get Matt, came home and ate veggies and homemade hummus for dinner. It’s been a full day. Do you even care? If you have read this far, God bless you…you are one patient person! I don’t know why I feel like I need to share every bit of my day with you…

Tomorrow is Sunday, and I’m feeling like skipping church. We had some really funky weather here today. It kept switching from rain to snow and back and forth. Now we have slushy roads and it’s cold. I love my church, but it’s all the way in Lexington, and the roads around here just aren’t safe in the snow and ice. We’ll see what happens tomorrow. Maybe it will be sunny and 60 degrees. It wouldn’t suprise me…

I’ve bored you long enough. I won’t even tell you about “The Office” party I had last night. Suffice it to say, I had my co-workers over and we had a great time. I love that show…is Jim not the hottest guy on TV? Really – I could eat him up… πŸ™‚

Have a good night y’all!


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