>Son Volt, Steve Zahn and other things I miss out on…

>My friend and co-worker, Rob, just popped in my cube to tell me that he was at The Dame for a Son Volt concert last night and Steve Zahn was there. WHAT? Why do I miss out on all this fun stuff? I totally knew that Son Volt was coming to town, yet I didn’t buy tickets. Am I completely repelled by fun? I love Steve Zahn. He’s so funny! He’s totally a guy I would have wanted to date in my former life. Rob says he’s short though, so maybe not. No offense to short guys, but for someone as tall as me, it’s weird to think about dating someone shorter. There are a handful of guys I probably would have dated in high school had I not been so shallow. I won’t name them though – they may show up here someday! All of this to say that I’m really bummed I missed that show. Oh well…

I am glad that I stayed home last night though. I made some yummy spaghetti sauce, balanced my checkbook, folded laundry and (best of all) got to talk with my friend Jaime. It’s been forever since we’ve really talked on the phone, so it was really great to catch up with her (even if we were on the phone for almost 2 hours!). She’s honestly one of my best friends ever, and talking to her last night made me feel 10 years younger. She’s a blast…
Last night I also worked out to a new video called “Belly Dancing for Wimps”. It was so silly, but it was a lot of fun! I had to turn it off about halfway through though because I was laughing so hard at myself….

So – Asbury College (across the street from the seminary where I work and where Matt is a student) has chapel services Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 10:00 am. Yesterday’s chapel service is still going on! Apparently there is a revival stewing over there. I wonder how long it will go on? I’m hoping to go over there for a little bit today. Be praying for the Asbury students involved, as well as for the Wilmore community as a whole. This could turn out to be a pretty major event!

Speaking of major events – I got my hair cut this weekend! I know, not as major as a revival, but still pretty cool. I cut about 7 inches off, and it feels GREAT!

Anyway – now I’m at work, and all I really want to do is go home and get some sleep. I haven’t been sleeping well lately, and I’m not really sure why. I hope you all are having a great day!


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