>Swisher Weigh-Down

>Many of you don’t know this, but Matt and I are on a mission this year to GET IN SHAPE! We have started watching what we eat, making sure our portions are what they need to be, getting a little exercise, etc. We have some SERIOUS weight loss goals for this year, but are happy to be doing it together.

As of today (2 1/2 weeks into it), I have lost 11 pounds!!! I’m so excited to see some progress. I just wanted to share that joy with you guys. I love you all!


4 thoughts on “>Swisher Weigh-Down

  1. >OHHHH!!!! That is great inspiration as I sit here eating my cookies I bought from Subway for lunch…hey, I save calories by getting the sandwich, and I really wanted the cookies, so I don’t care!So I might be coming down to Indy one day in the near future, if I know the dates one day, I was wondering if I can be a guest at your place??Also so glad you are still on here, I miss reading what is going on in your life!Oh wait…where did Katie go? Oh there she is, she just turned sideways and disappeared! YEAH!!!

  2. >Congrats, Katie! 🙂 I’m doing the same sort of thing. It is slow going, but wonderful when the results are positive (well, really…negative!)! Miss you!

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