>Updates? Meh…

>So, I’m realizing that I haven’t updated my blog since the Ice Age…so sorry about that. Obviously it hasn’t been a big priority for me lately, and I apologize for that. I doubt many folks actually read my blog, so I guess I’m not disappointing too many people after all. Still – I feel a little bad.

When we left off, I had said that Matt and I were taking part in a weigh-down of epic proportions. Sorry to say that we have lost all momentum on that as well. So now I feel like a big, fat failure…literally! Why is it so dang hard for me to find some discipline in my life? The good news about our weigh down is that we did lose some weight, and we haven’t gained it back yet! Hopefully now that warmer weather is coming around, we’ll make it outside for some exercise. We did get a Wii recently, and although it has kept us in the house, it has kept us pretty active! I’m fairly certain that I’m suffering from tennis elbow…

Church is good. Work is good. Family is good. Oh – Matt’s sister is having another baby, so we’re going to have a new little addition to our family! We’re so excited to have another neice or nephew. Personally, I hope it’s a boy. It’s always awkward to say “neices and nephew” instead of “neices and nephews.” Is that the most stupid and selfish reason to hope for a boy or what? 🙂

I promise I’ll be blogging more. I keep finding some neato websites that I might direct you towards. Maybe it will become a weekly feature or something. We’ll just have to see. Until then, here’s one website you must check out: www.cozi.com. Matt and I have been using Cozi for about a month or so now, and we love it! It’s a great place to keep our calendars, shopping lists, etc. So useful…

Love you all, and we’ll chat soon. Later!


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