>Hookers Like Big Macs Too…

>I forgot to bring something for lunch today, so I found myself driving to McDonalds today for lunch. McD’s isn’t my fave, but it’s really close, so I deal.

I work in a weird part of Indianapolis. One block south of my building is the ghetto. One block north is the artsy, old, EXPENSIVE neighborhood (read: the governor’s mansion is just up the street from me). Although the ghetto is not far, I have never thought to prepare myself to encounter the likes of what I saw today.

Right there at my local McDonalds, standing on the sidewalk near the building was what MUST have been a full-fledged prostitute. She wore what seemed to be a strapless, tight black onesie, a thick gold belt cinched around her waist, and the highest stripper heels I’ve ever seen. The onesie stopped about halfway down her rear end, so the bottom half of each butt cheek was hanging out the bottom of her outfit. Oh, and would it be too much info to let you know that she had an ATOMIC WEDGIE as well? Ick.

Of course I went back to work with my lunch, and told my co-workers about this encounter. They didn’t seem as surprised as I was. (Maybe I spent too many years in Wilmore…is this not shocking to anyone else???) One of the bosses in the office just replied by saying, “Prostitutes need lunch too. You can’t live on love!” Oh my…


1 thought on “>Hookers Like Big Macs Too…

  1. >You know, I live outside of D.C. and one would think that I wouldn’t be surprised by things like that by now…but if I saw that at my local McDonald’s…I totally would have had the same reaction. Love that quote from your boss though, haha….

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