>Hi internets…

How many ways can I apologize for the hiatus I have been on? Here I took so much time and care in writing the 100 Things about myself, and then I left you high and dry. While I am eternally sorry for leaving you hanging for so long, I am finding it hard to believe that anyone is even still waiting around to hear from me again. If anyone is actually out there reading this, I am sorry. I owe you a steak dinner (or at least some fish sticks and shells & cheese).

To get a better understanding of where I have been the past few weeks, I think it’s best for me to post an e-mail announcement that was sent to my friends and family. It’s the same news, and I don’t really want to re-type it anyway.

Here you go…

Hello friends and family,

As some of you know, Matt is an elder in the United Methodist Church. In the UMC, pastors are appointed to their churches by the bishop and a group of district superintendents who make up the bishop’s cabinet. Elders make vows when they are ordained and commissioned to be fully itinerant – meaning they travel from place to place. Back in the beginning of Methodism, pastors would travel from church to church (usually on horseback) to minister to congregations far and wide. Thankfully, the days of “circuit riders” are long gone, but we are still bound by our vows to be itinerant, and to go where God and the bishop lead.

Now is when we see those vows in action. The bishop and cabinet (and most of all, GOD) have appointed Matt to a new church, and we will be moved to this new appointment by November 1st.

Matt will be the senior pastor of two small, country churches in the western part of the state: Veedersburg UMC and Hillsboro UMC. A parsonage is provided for us, and the house will be in Veedersburg. Veedersburg is a small town (about 2200 people) one mile south of I-74 on SR 41. (We will be about 1 hour and 15 minutes from Mom and Dad’s house on the south side of Indy.) We are sad about leaving our current appointment, but we both are feeling a strong sense of God’s peace in this. We both know without a doubt that this is where we are supposed to go.

We met with the leadership at both churches on Monday, and we were able to tour the parsonage as well. It is a bigger house for us, but it can use some updating! 🙂 We look forward to making this house our home. The congregations are really excited about having a young couple in ministry at their church, and we are excited to go. Matt loves to preach and teach and visit with people, and this new appointment gives him the opportunity to do what he loves. My sister said it best when she pointed out that, “Matt will FINALLY be able to do what he was called to do so long ago!”

I am sad to leave friends we have made here in Noblesville. I am VERY sad to move farther away from family. I am nervous about moving from the Indianapolis area to such a small town. I am VERY nervous about making new friends, and finding my place in Veedersburg. I don’t know yet what will happen with my job. My boss has mentioned the possibility of me working from home, but we haven’t worked out details for sure yet.

We covet your prayers through this transition. We know that the love and prayerful support of our friends and family will carry us far, and that we haven’t reached where we are today without them. I hope we will get to see each other soon. Know that you are always welcome in our home, whether it is in Noblesville, Veedersburg or the Moon!

Love you all,


>Free Entertainment…the best Pastor Perk

>Being in ministry is hard work – not just for Matt. It’s not always fun either. There’s not a lot of money to be made, not a lot of recognition that is received, and definitely not a ton of your typical benefits. HOWEVER, there are some really cool perks. Today, when we went to be with Mom at the hospital, Matt got our parking validated. Only clergy get their parking validated (at this hospital anyway)! It saved us about $9.00. Also, tonight we have some free entertainment at our house since we live next door to the church.

Our church (and therefore our house) is just down the street from a huge ampitheater that hosts huge music groups every year. If a big name is coming to the Indianapolis area, it’s probably coming to Deer Creek (actually – it hasn’t been called “Deer Creek” in years. It’s now the “Verizon Wireless Music Center,” but I refuse to call it that. I grew up going to “Deer Creek,” and I am going to continue to call it that if I want. I digress…).

Because of the location of our church, the local police department frequently sets up a huge sobriety check-point in our parking lot for after big concerts. I swear, every cop in Hamilton County shows up, and they set up the most amazing and elaborate trap I’ve seen! They “randomly” pull five cars out of the string of cars coming from Deer Creek, and make them turn into the parking lot where they will be injected, inspected, detected, infected,neglected and selected. If you are fit to drive, they let you go, BUT if they want to check you out a bit more, you get pulled to the side. That’s where the fun happens! People are put through the usual tests to see if they are drunk or not, and the get hauled away to jail if they are, in fact, inebriated. It’s a lot of fun for us to watch, and we usually do so from the comfort of our garage!

Yes, I do feel like a bit of a hillbilly finding all of this entertaining, but I don’t really care much. Just know that if you ever go to a show at Deer Creek, and you get pulled over in a church parking lot down the street, you can count on one thing:

Matt and I are watching, and laughing our butts off!