>I Love the Eighties…

>Why would anyone in their right mind leave the house wearing an outfit like this?

Or wearing makeup like this?

Well, for an EIGHTIES NIGHT of course!

As of 5:00 last night, I had no idea what I was going to wear to my friend Lisa’s Eighties Night Bachelorette Party. I popped in my “Katie’s 80’s” mix on the stereo, went to work on my hideous eighties makeup, and the inspiration just flowed.

Matt helped me cut up an old orange shirt I had. The skirt has been in my closet begging to come out for quite some time. I didn’t have bike shorts, but my bermudas worked just fine. And the “Like a Virgin” cross necklace? I picked that up in Houston a few years ago, and finally had the occasion to wear it! What you can’t see in the picture is that I had two pairs of socks scrunched above my pink and yellow Chuck Taylor All-Stars. Top off this stellar outfit with bright turquoise eyeshadow, pink frosty lip gloss and the thickest black eyeliner this side of a trailer park, and you’ve got yourself an eighties princess! 🙂

We went bowling dressed like this. We went out to dinner dressed like this. We went to a bar dressed like this. AND yes, everywhere we went people stared, laughed and pointed, but WHO CARES? We had a great time. We all looked equally stupid, and we loved every minute of it. Who doesn’t love a theme party?

I’m thinking of wearing this outfit to Lisa’s wedding on Saturday. What do you think?


4 thoughts on “>I Love the Eighties…

  1. >You look hella cool!Seriously – how fun to find a Christian blogger who is funny and insightful too. I’m enjoying your blog lots. Keep it up!P.S. I loved “Facing the Giants” too. Wish there were more movies like it.

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