>Runnin’ Down a Dream

>If you remember this post, you’ll remember that I LOVE Tom Petty. Well, my man and his Heartbreakers are in town tonight for a sold out show, and I’m not going. Yeah, I know. We waited a little too long to get our tickets, and they were sold out before I could get them. We’re going to see them in St. Louis in a few weeks though, so I won’t miss him entirely. I’m just missing him tonight.

Did I mention that I live 3 miles down the street from Deer Creek – the ampitheater where they will be playing – ? Oh, well I do. That means that I not only will be missing the show tonight, but Tom will be 3 MILES AWAY! So close, yet so far.

As I pulled out of my driveway to come to work this morning, a tour bus drove by the house on the way to Deer Creek. It didn’t hit me for a few seconds, but once it did I thought of turning the other way and chasing them down the street. That could have been Tom! (Yes, I also know it could have been Steve Winwood – the opener – but this is my fantasy…don’t ruin it!) Tom Petty might have driven right past my house this morning. *sigh*

It’s raining today – outside and in my heart just a little. “Baby don’t it feel like heaven right now?” No. No Tom – it doesn’t. I’ll keep waiting though…it is the hardest part after all, right?

Here’s a little treat for you – a snippet from Tom’s DVD “Runnin’ Down a Dream” where he talks about the first song I remember calling “favorite” in my life. “The Waiting”


2 thoughts on “>Runnin’ Down a Dream

  1. >That is nearly how I felt when we couldn’t get James Taylor tickets for my birthday…tickets SOLD OUT within 10 minutes of going up for sale. TEN MINUTES!

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