>This is Buster Bluth…

He’s our baby…I know that sounds stupid to a lot of you, but it’s true. He has been the best cat: playful AND snuggly, and sometimes downright human. We love him so much…

He’s not feeling well right now. He had a urinary tract infection a couple weeks ago, and we spent hours in the pet emergency room (and about $150) making him feel better. Since we returned from our Kings Island trip on Sunday, he’s been acting funny. He’s been peeing outside of his litter box (not normal at all…he never does that) and crying a lot more than usual. He’s also gained some weight, and has not been wanting to play very much.

We took him to the vet this morning for observation, and the vet just called to let us know that Buster has a Urethral Obstruction. The doctor is sedating him, and will be putting in a catheter to clear the blockage. I called my mom with the news, and she let me know that she had a cat with that problem many years ago. She ended up having to put her cat down. I. AM. FREAKING. OUT.

First: we don’t have the money for this procedure. It will probably cost almost $1000. I know we should have that much (and way more) saved for emergencies, but we don’t.

Second: How many more times will this happen? Will we just have to plan for $1000 vet bills every year or more from now on? How much is too much to spend on your pet’s life?

Third: We might be getting a dog soon. Will this stress out Buster even more? Yes. Will it be dangerous for Buster to have that stress? Possibly. Will it be good for Buster to have someone to play with? Most definitely. Ugh…the choices. If we had a child, and we’re wanting another, we wouldn’t NOT have another baby just because our first would be stressed out about it. People grow and learn and deal. Pets are not people…

So there it is – my drama for the day. I had intended to go to Bed Bath and Beyond today and spend lots of money on wedding gifts for the umpteen brides I know this summer. I’m not going to do that now though. They’ll just have to wait! (Sorry girls…)

Pray for my Buster. Pray for my vet. Pray for my wallet.


1 thought on “>Obstruction

  1. >Our Dog was sick with parvo and not expected to live but the vet saved her life and yes there was a big vet bill but she is totally worth it. The funny thing is we didn’t get a certain type of dog because of the cost but we spent more saving Molly. It is amazing how God provides. It will work out money wise, and we will be praying for Buster. Pets are family and need just as much prayers as us.

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