This is our newest family member…Lucille. Isn’t she precious?

She looks precious, but she’s actually quite feisty. She’s giving Buster a run for his money! She’s sweet too, and she’s starting to fit in just fine. We got Lucille from our friend Debbie’s nephew. He was no longer able to keep her, and really didn’t want to take her to the shelter. We were happy to take her for him!

(Buster is named after Buster Bluth on Arrested Development. We thought it was only fitting that we name his new girlfriend Lucille, after Buster’s girlfriend on the show.)

Enjoy her cuteness…we do! (P.S. I got a little carried away on Picnik.com…but I love this picture!)

>Bye Bye July…

>July is ALMOST over! It has been so crazy for us, and I can’t believe we’ve actually survived this madness. For those who missed it, here is a recap:

-My friend Lisa got married (wedding, bachelorette party, etc.)
-Awesome July 4th party with youth group and their parents
-Camping, Kings Island (amusement park) and Christian music festival for four days with youth group
-My friend Courtney got married, but I couldn’t go. Extreme guilt sets in.
Dad turned 57, so we got together to celebrate (read – eat A LOT)
-Family visited from Florida, so we got together to celebrate (read – eat A LOT…again)
Buster got a urinary tract infection that took us to the emergency room in the middle of the night.
-Buster got a urethral obstruction, has to be at vet (again) for two days.
We go to Texas with 14 teenagers for a week-long mission trip (post coming soon). Insanity begins.
-Our niece Tayla turns 12, but we are out of town. More guilt sets in.
-We return from Texas, fairly unscathed, but definitely pooped.
-We have our SIXTH wedding anniversary. We celebrate by getting Chinese take-out, and eating in front of the couch. I can feel your jealousy…
Mom has an emergency appendectomy. Long, boring stays at hospital commence. Work ceases.
-Old friends from SIFAT get in touch to let us know they’re coming through Indy, and can they stay at our house? Absolutely – insanity continues.
-Mom is released from the hospital, so I spend a day waiting for discharge papers, shopping for groceries and filling prescriptions.

You may notice that the above list does not contain any of the following:
-House cleaning
-Church Services
-Weekly youth events
-Daily hygiene

The house is NOT clean, I’m barely keeping up with laundry, sleeping is fitful, hygiene…what’s that? I have been brushing my teeth, but it’s always while I’m on the toilet and applying deoderant at the same time (I’m mastering this multi-tasking stuff). And church? Does. Not. Stop. EVER.

I have my class reunion this weekend, family visiting from Iowa, Tayla’s birthday celebration with us (called “Tayla Day” – we’re going for pedicures), and THEN I get my vacation…I think. We are currently planning on going to St. Louis next week for a Cardinal game, Tom Petty concert, sightseeing, SLEEPING, etc. We may end up missing out if Mom isn’t feeling well, but her doctor said this morning, “No way in hell would I let some appendectomy keep me from seeing Tom Petty.” Well said Dr. Browne.

SO – If I can just get through the next few days, I am set. The good news is that the next few days are full of fun things. I just wish the fun was more spread out.

When I do a post in September about how boring my life is, will you please slap me across the face with this dead fish I’m posting today to WAKE ME UP?

How scatter-brained was this post? Sorry about that…this is a glimpse into my brain right now! 🙂