>Below is an e-mail I sent out to family and friends tonight. Thanks for praying for Mom…

Mom went to the emergency room last night because she was having pain in her side. The doctors did a cat scan, and found that Mom had appendicitis. They did an emergency appendectomy this morning. She is doing fairly well, all things considered. We got to the hospital this morning around 9:00, and she has been resting ever since. As long as she doesn’t move too much, she isn’t feeling much pain. She does feel quite a bit of pain when she takes deep breaths, moves, etc. The doctors are trying to keep her lung capacity up with some breathing exercises. They’re also trying to get her moving, sitting up more, etc. She has been drinking plenty of water (always her cure-all when I don’t feel well…it’s good to see she can actually take a dose of her own medicine!). She isn’t eating much, but they are giving her nutrients through an IV.

They are keeping her tonight, and are expecting to send her home tomorrow. We were there with her until about 8:00 this evening, and she seemed to be pretty stable. She’s really groggy from her pain meds, so that has been interesting! Please be praying for her. I know this isn’t fun at all, and recovering from surgery isn’t going to be easy. The last time she was in a hospital was over 22 years ago when she gave birth to my brother! She’s probably going to be in pain for a good while, and won’t feel up to her normal schedule for some time. I don’t know when she’ll be going back to work. If anyone would like to put together a meal for Mom, Dad and Robert, I’m sure they would appreciate it. Dad and Robert are practically useless in the kitchen (unless you want a frozen pizza or chili, but I’m sure that will get old fast!). They aren’t allergic to anything, and love eating just about anything! 🙂

I’m going to be with Mom tomorrow to help her get settled at home, but after that I really have to get back to work. If anyone feels like going over to check on her or help her with anything, I’m sure she’d love that too.

Thanks for your prayers. Your love and care means so much to me and to my family!


Here is a picture of me and Mom on my wedding day…


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