>Free Entertainment…the best Pastor Perk

>Being in ministry is hard work – not just for Matt. It’s not always fun either. There’s not a lot of money to be made, not a lot of recognition that is received, and definitely not a ton of your typical benefits. HOWEVER, there are some really cool perks. Today, when we went to be with Mom at the hospital, Matt got our parking validated. Only clergy get their parking validated (at this hospital anyway)! It saved us about $9.00. Also, tonight we have some free entertainment at our house since we live next door to the church.

Our church (and therefore our house) is just down the street from a huge ampitheater that hosts huge music groups every year. If a big name is coming to the Indianapolis area, it’s probably coming to Deer Creek (actually – it hasn’t been called “Deer Creek” in years. It’s now the “Verizon Wireless Music Center,” but I refuse to call it that. I grew up going to “Deer Creek,” and I am going to continue to call it that if I want. I digress…).

Because of the location of our church, the local police department frequently sets up a huge sobriety check-point in our parking lot for after big concerts. I swear, every cop in Hamilton County shows up, and they set up the most amazing and elaborate trap I’ve seen! They “randomly” pull five cars out of the string of cars coming from Deer Creek, and make them turn into the parking lot where they will be injected, inspected, detected, infected,neglected and selected. If you are fit to drive, they let you go, BUT if they want to check you out a bit more, you get pulled to the side. That’s where the fun happens! People are put through the usual tests to see if they are drunk or not, and the get hauled away to jail if they are, in fact, inebriated. It’s a lot of fun for us to watch, and we usually do so from the comfort of our garage!

Yes, I do feel like a bit of a hillbilly finding all of this entertaining, but I don’t really care much. Just know that if you ever go to a show at Deer Creek, and you get pulled over in a church parking lot down the street, you can count on one thing:

Matt and I are watching, and laughing our butts off!


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