>Not If…only WHEN

>I got an e-mail from an old SIFAT friend of mine this morning. We had lost touch for a couple years, but we’ve recently reconnected. Here is his e-mail:

“Not if, only WHEN.”

The exact words the Lord laid on my heart today when I was praying, words He told me to share with the ones I prayed for.

I know we haven’t had much chance to talk yet about a lot of things since we’ve reconnected, but you should know Karen and I have been praying diligently for you both in the matter of having a child, and today was one of those blessed Holy Spirit moments when God’s voice rings crystal clear. Just thought you might want to know. 🙂 Hang in there, both of you…the plan is always His.


Once again, God has my attention!

We didn’t really talk with Seth about our baby situation. He knows what you all know from reading this blog. He doesn’t know that over the past year, I had changed my language from “When we have kids…” to “If we have kids…” because of the hopelessness and doubt I have felt. I have been trying to be intentional about saying “When” lately, because we have received a lot of neat encouragement from God through other people. Dreams are being had, prayers are being said, and hopes are being realized again. I am so blown away that people would even pray for us, but even more so that God would speak to us through these friends of ours.

God’s words for us today are an encouraging command to TRUST that He has our family in His hands. It’s not up to us to know when this promise will come to fruition. It’s only up to us to trust God, place hope and faith in Him, and live in Him as we continue to dream. Our hope is being restored…

Thank you Lord for this awesome word today! It’s starting to sink in that we WILL have a family. We WILL be given the opportunity to raise up children in your name. Awesome!


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