>Seeking His Face…

>We were in Texas last week with our youth group. We took 14 teenagers to a small town named Carthage (just 2 hours east of Dallas) to do ministry in any way we could. We shoveled rocks in 103 degree heat. We helped host a kids Day Camp at a church in town. We played bingo with people at a nursing home. We painted shelves for a day care. We loved and cared for the people in that town the best way we knew how.

We were hosted by a group called YouthWorks. This group does an AMAZING job at organizing mission trips for groups just like us. If you are wanting to take a group on a mission trip, you should check them out.

At night, after we had worked hard all day, we gathered for “Club” where we thanked God for what he had done in our lives that day, worshipped in song, listened to a lesson, etc. Afterwards we would have time with our church groups for some more discussion, prayer, etc. Each night our group wanted to sing some songs. Thankfully our friend Jeremy brought his guitar, and he was able to lead us in some great songs. One of my favorites we sang last week is this one, “Give Us Clean Hands” by Chris Tomlin…

Thursday night was our last in Texas. At Club time, the YouthWorks staff had arranged a foot washing service. The staff washed the feet of the adult leaders, then we got to turn around and wash the feet of our kids and pray for them individually. Matt and I were washing kids feet, praying for them, etc. when we noticed a commotion going on around us. We turned around to find our kids praying for each other. These kids were gathering around each other (and us), laying hands on each other, praying for each other like we have never seen before. They were all crying, all speaking words of truth to each other…and they knew that Jesus was there. They knew it! It was like a mini-revival just for our group. There they were, seeking God’s face, just like we had sung.

That night was such an answer to prayer! This year has not been easy for me and Matt, and there have been times when I have wanted to call it quits. That night made all of that pain and frustration worth it. After everything was coming to an end that night, I just collapsed on Matt’s shoulder and sobbed. Thank you Jesus…this is so worth it.


1 thought on “>Seeking His Face…

  1. >Sounds like a wonderful moment, reminds me of some of the best moments at SIFAT. Glad to hear this when most days I get so down on the world’s moral decline reaching kids earlier and earlier. Just shows that the Lord will keep His people through trying times! Oh also, is this the weekend Jay is coming? Be sure to say hello to him for me!

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