>100 Things – Part Nine

>81. I always think that it would be really great to open a little café/restaurant. I would have a little bookstore area, plenty of comfy seating for people to read and eat and meet. I would even have cooking classes sometimes. I get so excited thinking about it, but then poop out from exhaustion just thinking about all the work I’d have to do.

82. I think I’d be a great graphic designer, but really don’t want to spend the time and money going to art school.

83. I wish I was in better shape, but have trouble motivating myself to work out and eat better.

84. I think I have issues with discipline.

85. My husband and I have the same wedding band. Mine is a man’s ring, but it looks just fine on my huge hands.

86. I don’t iron. If something is wrinkly, I just throw it in the dryer.

87. I chew gum like it’s my job.

88. I love to drink tea. Hot tea, iced tea, black tea, green tea – I love it all. My all time favorite tea is Bigelow’s Constant Comment. I always reminds me of my mother.

89. My favorite flower is the gerber daisy. I also love calla lilies, morning glories, tulips and irises.

90. I hoard pens. It’s shameful, really. I love them!


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