>100 Things – The Finale

>91. Since I was a child, I have wanted to be no less than fifty things when I grow up. Doctor, astronaut, teacher, musician, graphic designer, journalist…the list goes on and on. As I near that “grown up” stage, I realize that what I want to be most in my life are these three things: 1) A woman of faith, 2) A wife and 3) A mother.

92. My parents have been married for 34 years. Their marriage hasn’t always been great, but they love each other. I’m proud that they have stuck together through (most of) the hard times.

93. I am the oldest of three children. My sister, Kelly, is three years younger than me. My brother, Robert, is 6 years younger. We grew up fighting hard, playing harder and loving each other most of all. (I do have an older half-sister, but we haven’t known each other for very long.)

94. I have 2 nieces and 1 nephew (and 1 niece on the way). Tayla and Damon are the oldest, and belong to Matt’s sister. She is having another girl later this year, and we can’t wait to meet Clarissa! Kamryn is my sister’s daughter, and she brings more joy to my life than I ever expected her to. (My half-sister has twin girls that are so lovely and sweet. They don’t know that we’re related though. They’re pretty young, and explaining the whole situation would be rough.)

95. I have had trouble keeping in good touch with some of my best friends from my youth. These people were crucial to my life at one point, and I hate that we don’t see each other more. I think it’s my fault, and that makes me sad.

96. I have lots of great ideas, but have trouble seeing them all through. I know that at the end of my life, I will have lots of projects that I never finished.

97. My husband is my best friend, a great lover, a strong man, always patient with me, supportive, too smart for me, and super-handsome! He is opposite from me in so many ways, but perfect for me in every way. I love his gentle smile, and I love the way he looks at me. He makes me feel like the most beautiful woman in the world (and he might just be love-struck enough to actually think that I am!)

98. All of that being said, it took God smacking me on the side of the head with an epiphany to realize that I needed to marry that man. I was too caught up in myself to really see how much of a gift Matt was. I know – I’m a recovering idiot.

99. I have issues with fear. I fear death, even though I know where I’m going.

100. I believe that God is our creator, our father, our friend, our life. I believe He lives and works and breathes and speaks today – right now. If you don’t know Him, seek Him. He is pursuing us all, and longs to be in relationship with us. That is definitely the most important entry on this long, random list of mine.


>100 Things – Part Nine

>81. I always think that it would be really great to open a little café/restaurant. I would have a little bookstore area, plenty of comfy seating for people to read and eat and meet. I would even have cooking classes sometimes. I get so excited thinking about it, but then poop out from exhaustion just thinking about all the work I’d have to do.

82. I think I’d be a great graphic designer, but really don’t want to spend the time and money going to art school.

83. I wish I was in better shape, but have trouble motivating myself to work out and eat better.

84. I think I have issues with discipline.

85. My husband and I have the same wedding band. Mine is a man’s ring, but it looks just fine on my huge hands.

86. I don’t iron. If something is wrinkly, I just throw it in the dryer.

87. I chew gum like it’s my job.

88. I love to drink tea. Hot tea, iced tea, black tea, green tea – I love it all. My all time favorite tea is Bigelow’s Constant Comment. I always reminds me of my mother.

89. My favorite flower is the gerber daisy. I also love calla lilies, morning glories, tulips and irises.

90. I hoard pens. It’s shameful, really. I love them!

>100 Things – Part Eight

>71. I wrote for my high school’s newspaper, and loved it.

72. I don’t really care too much about politics, and usually vote for the person who is cutest, has the best outfits, etc.

73. I love remembering great times gone by with friends and family.

74. I also love to look towards the future.

75. I have trouble living fully in the “now.”

76. I love cookbooks! I have gobs of them, but hardly cook from them.

77. I get most of my food ideas from food blogs (my favorite? Smitten Kitchen)

78. I’m trying really hard to not be one of those people who peaked in high school.

79. Magazines I subscribe to: Real Simple, Everyday Food, Entertainment Weekly

80. I hate folding laundry.