>To Make You Feel My Love


Matt and I are moving. His job (wait – I hate calling it a “job.” It’s his ministry…) is taking us to western Indiana, and in three weeks we’ll be leaving Noblesville. It’s been a hard few weeks leading up to this point. We knew going into United Methodist ministry that we would be moved, but it’s been hard actually experiencing it.

How do I say goodbye to a congregation that has loved me like family? How do I say goodbye to these teenagers we’ve invested so much of ourselves in? How do we pack up our entire life and move it 90 miles away without going totally insane? Living out our last few weeks here will be hard, but it will be essential for us to stay focused and committed right up to the last minute.

We started packing this weekend. We have packed all our books (45 boxes), DVD’s and games (except for the Wii, because come on – we’re completely addicted to Mario Kart). For some reason as soon as the books were packed, this house I’ve been living in for 16 months stopped feeling like home.

We packed Matt’s office last night – books, decorations, more books, etc. It’s been emotional saying goodbye to Emmanuel box by box. We had music playing on Pandora.com (oh my – you must check out this website if you haven’t already. LOVE!). We’re in the middle of packing all of his stuff, and “our song” came on. He stopped what he was doing, grabbed me, and danced with me right there. We were in his tiny office, both sweaty and dirty and dusty from packing, tired and emotional, but we still danced. We were probably both remembering our wedding day when we danced to this song for the first time as husband and wife. We were probably both remembering the night at SIFAT that made that song “ours.” We were probably both thinking about how God had not only sustained us but BLESSED us up to this point in our life together, and we were probably both remembering that God was definitely going to continue to do so as we move on to our new appointment.

It was exactly what I needed. I needed to remember that we are in this together. I needed to just stand face-to-face with my husband and remember that we are a team – partners in this ministry. And I needed to look on his gentle face, stare into his warm hazel eyes, and remember that I am so in love with him still.

When the rain is blowing in your face

And the whole world is on your case

I would offer you a warm embrace

To make you feel my love


2 thoughts on “>To Make You Feel My Love

  1. >Love that Song. Love that Movie. The entire CD from Hope Floats is awesome if you’ve not listened to it. Great post – it’s good to reconnect over the little moments. Good luck on your move.

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