>Full Speed Ahead

>I worked last night at a charge conference meeting of 6 churches in Indy. Everything went really well, and I enjoyed meeting some people I talk to on the phone regularly. It’s always good to put names with faces, isn’t it?

During the conference, the district superintendent who was running the meeting talked about a conversation he had with one of the pastors in his district. The pastor and his daughter were talking, and came to this conclusion:

When Jesus says, “Follow Me” it means we’re going somewhere!

Can I get an AMEN? 🙂

How many of us answer to Jesus’ call to follow Him, and expect to remain right where we are? You can certainly put me in that crowd. Here’s what my prayer life has looked like for the past few weeks:

“I love you Jesus, and I want to serve you with my life and my vocation, but I want to do that RIGHT HERE. I don’t want to leave my friends, my family, my favorite grocery store, my convenient mall, my church family, etc. So, if you could just reconsider this whole move-across-the-state-to-a-town-where-I-don’t-know-anyone-and-the-nearest-shopping-is-in-Illinois thing, that would be AWESOME. Mkay?”

I really am so nervous about this move. I don’t know yet if I’ll be able to keep my job or not. I’m nervous about making all new friends, about finding my way around, and I have almost convinced myself that the people in our new churches won’t like me at all. Oh – and I’m spending more than just a little time wondering what kind of bugs we’ll have to deal with at our new house. (Please God – no centipedes again…please?) Oh the anxiety that I am working up in myself…it’s really taking its toll! I have had some bad headaches and back pain in the past couple weeks, and I KNOW that it’s because I’m stressing out so much.

God met me at church on Sunday. I know I shouldn’t be surprised – He’s always there. I just don’t always look for Him I guess. The songs we sang, the prayers we said, the message that was given – God spoke to me through it all. It’s as if He was calming me – calming my nerves and my spirit. He was reminding me that HE is everything I’ll ever need.

We sang one of my favorites – You Are My All in All. This song always reminds me of being at SIFAT. I would tell most people that it’s because I learned that song there. I will honestly tell you though that I think of SIFAT when I hear this song because that’s where God and I first had some grown-up moments together. SIFAT was the first time I left home, and just depended on God. No parents. Not much money. No mall in the time zone (slight exaggeration). Just me and God having some good time together. It was almost like my honeymoon with Jesus, and I don’t care if you think that sounds cheesy!

What does it mean for me to sing that Jesus is my “all in all”??? If I believe what I sing, he is the ONLY thing I need. So what if I don’t make friends at our new home? God is really the only friend I need. So what if I can’t keep my job? God’s going to provide. No shopping? Don’t need it – I have God. Jesus is ENOUGH. I don’t need more things, more money, more friends, more activities, etc. Jesus is ENOUGH. He is my all in all.

So – Jesus has asked us to follow Him, and we’re following Him to Veedersburg. We’re going somewhere – us and Jesus – and He is going to be everything we need.

You are my strength when I am weak.
You are the treasure that I seek.
You are my all in all.
Seeking you as a precious jewel.
Lord, to give up I’d be a fool.
You are my all in all.

Jesus, Lamb of God, worthy is your name!

Taking my sin, my cross, my shame,
Rising again, I bless your name.
You are my all in all.
When I fall down, you pick me up.
When I am dry, you fill my cup.
You are my all in all.

Jesus, Lamb of God, worthy is your name!


2 thoughts on “>Full Speed Ahead

  1. >Such a lovely post, Katie. You know, if I stop and think about it, the strongest “moments” that I’ve had with God have come at points when I’ve been stressed out beyond belief. Of course, I never can see them coming, so I stew with the worry and grief for way longer than necessary — and afterward I always think, “Oh yeah, why am I worried? He’ll always help me through”…Wonderful post 🙂

  2. >I agree with the lady, great post Katie. I know what you mean about trepidation over moving, that pretty much sums up the last year of my life. The Lord always finds a way to work things out for us though, and its so great to have a day like you had in church where everything just seems to connect to you on a personal level. I’ve come to associate the word epiphany with God’s voice, as it seems that is always the way he speaks to us, in those thoughts and words that we know couldn’t possibly find their way into our heads without some help! Anyway, you know Karen and I will be praying hard for both of you in the transition you’re making. God definitely put us here for a reason, and yours is taking you places. I rejoice in knowing that!So one final thought….when we getting together?? I know this time of year is always a crunch, but we should see about sometime in the Spring!

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