>Reusable Bags anyone?

>I know I’m not a mother, but I still love to read Simple Mom. She always has something interesting to read, and today is no exception! Check out today’s blog to hear about the best in reusable tote bags.

What? You say you don’t use those at your house? WHATAREYOUWAITINGFOR? Sit. Let me convince you.

1. They’re so much cuter than those nasty plastic bags you get from the grocery.
2. They hold so much more! I am amazed at how I can consistently get a week’s worth of groceries into two bags. TWO BAGS!
3. It’s way better for the environment. Seriously people. Do you know how many gazillion plastic bags are used every year? Those things aren’t biodegradable!

Now, get over to Simple Mom and learn all you needed to about these awesome bags. AND you can enter to win some too!


3 thoughts on “>Reusable Bags anyone?

  1. >I think a lot of grocery stores are giving 5 cents off — it’s great! I have a ton…but am addicted to them, so you can bet I’m entering the giveaway!

  2. >Theres a neat 16 year old kid in Canada I read about this year who is working on a way to solve our problem with the non biodegradeable plastic bags. He figured out a compound that would make them return to their primary pieces (mostly petroleum, which is another reason to stop using them).Just my two cents, Ive got like 5 of those bags now from walmart or publix and some nicer ones that courtney picked up and they are useful for a lot more than groceries for me. I carry all kinds of stuff with em.

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