Useful. Beautiful. Joyful.

I like to shop.  I like to buy things – especially on clearance.  I like to think of moving things around in my house or buying new things for my house to make it prettier or more functional or whatever.  A lot of people do the same, right?

But lately that part of myself has been in conflict with the other part of myself – the part of me that craves simplicity, cleanliness, more money to give elsewhere.  Months ago Matt and I began to scour our house for things we didn’t really need any more.  We got rid of a ton of stuff (possibly a literal TON of things).  We sold them all at a yard sale over Memorial Day weekend, and made a good deal of money from it all.  It was a very successful purge and sale!

So someone tell me why I still feel like I’m surrounded by my things?  Why do I feel like I have another purge coming on?

I follow Paulo Coelho on Twitter.  Many years ago I read and loved his book “By the River Piedra I Sat Down and Wept” and I have a few other books by him that I want to read.  He tweets really insightful things, and I have enjoyed following him.  Last week he tweeted this:

Oh how that has been resonating with me lately!  I think it’s time to go through my house and REALLY get rid of things I don’t find useful, beautiful or joyful.

I think the same can be said about my spiritual life as well.  How many incorrect theological beliefs, painful memories, unfounded anxieties, etc. do I hold on to that aren’t useful or beautiful or joyful?  I know too many people who have held on to pain and anger for far too long.  These things have a way of growing in our hearts and pushing out all other thoughts and memories that might be useful, beautiful or joyful.  I don’t want that for my life.  I CAN’T have that for my life.  I want to make room in my heart and mind for grace and love.  Don’t you?

How much stuff do YOU hold on to that isn’t useful, beautiful or joyful?  


>I am possessed by nail polish demons…

>A few months ago I found e-polish blog – a great blog about nail polish and caring for your nails by a lady named Katee. I subscribed to Katee’s blog, and really began to enjoy all the new colors of polish she had been “swatching.” Suddenly, I began to subscribe to other nail blogs like Vampy Varnish, All Laquered Up and Scrangie. Now I’m finding that I am OBSESSED with nail polish! I have been painting my nails every three days or so, always trying new colors each time I change. I have been looking for fun new colors everywhere I go, and have a small army of nail colors to try. Here is a picture of the colors I have bought in the last month alone:

I must ask people…WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME???

>Black Friday (and presents for me too!)

>I’m exhausted from shopping all this morning. Mom and I were at Kohl’s by 6:00, then went to Target and Bath and Body Works. I spent $400 today (YIKES!), and I’m almost totally done with my Christmas shopping!

Also, I ordered this new toy for myself, and can’t wait to get it in the mail soon!:

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving with family and friends. We did!