>Back in the game with a new weekly feature!


I can’t believe I haven’t blogged since O’Bama’s inauguration. I’m sure most of my readers have gone buh-bye by now, but for those who have stuck around…HOLA!

I don’t really have a good excuse for being gone for so long. Work has been a little stressful lately. Church is going well. Matt and the kitties and I are just trying to keep up with everything around the house. Lots of everyday, normal life things have shoved blogging down to the bottom of my priority list. (Actually, it’s not quite to the bottom. Cleaning bathrooms, mopping floors, and organizing the refrigerator have fallen way below blogging!) I’m sorry to have neglected you for so long.

Good news though – I’m coming back to you with a NEW WEEKLY FEATURE! Yes folks, I’m going to attempt to make my mark on the internet with a weekly feature I’m calling Tuesday Tunes. Every Tuesday I am going to introduce you to a song that I am loving that week. It could be an old classic rock song, an 80’s pop favorite or a new Christian worship track. Whatever the song, I’ll give you a little insight into why I love it, fun trivia about the artist and where you can get the song for yourself.

If you’re interested in doing Tuesday Tunes on your blog, feel free to copy the graphic below to use on your posts. If you do a Tuesday Tune, please let me know, link back to me, etc., so we can get the Tuesday Tune love going! It will be fun to discover new music and learn more about each other through the songs we love, won’t it? Here goes…

This week’s Tuesday Tune is “Lover” by Derek Webb. It’s from his album She Must and Shall Go Free.

I love Derek Webb. His sound, his lyrics, his heart – they’re all so rich and authentic and relevant. He gets down and dirty about God, faith and the Church. So often as Christians we try to sugar-coat our lives to make it seem like with God everything is easy and happy. It’s just not the case, and Derek always seems to make it okay to be real with ourselves about the suffering we sometimes endure as Christians.

This song is probably my second favorite on this album (my favorite is “Wedding Dress” – maybe I’ll Tune it in the future.). I have been stuck on it for a few weeks now. The version on the actual album is a little better (IMHO) because of the vocal harmony, but this video is still pretty good. I love the way Derek portrays Jesus as a lover who will do anything for the one he is in love with – his Church. I think this is a beautiful song, and I hope you like it.

words and music by derek webb

like a man comes to an alter i came into this town
with the world upon my shoulders and promises passed down
and i went into the water and my father, he was pleased
i built it and i’ll tear it down so you will be set free

but i found thieves and salesmen living in my father’s house
i know how they got in here and i know how to get ‘em out
i’m turning this place over from floor to balcony
and then just like these doves and sheep you will be set free

i’ve always been a lover from before i drew a breath
some things i loved easy and some i loved to death
because love’s no politician, it listens carefully
of those who come i can’t lose one, so you will be set free

but go on and take my picture, go on and make me up
i’ll still be your defender, you’ll be my missing son
and i’ll send out an army just to bring you back to me
because regardless of your brother’s lies you will be set free

i am my beloveds and my beloved’s mine
so you bring all your history and i’ll bring the bread and wine
and we’ll have us a party where all the drinks are on me
then as surely as the rising sun you will be set free


3 thoughts on “>Back in the game with a new weekly feature!

  1. >Yeah I am so glad you are back. I have missed you. I don’t know much about music. The most I hear around the house is ABC,twinkle twinkle, and happy birthday.

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