>I am possessed by nail polish demons…

>A few months ago I found e-polish blog – a great blog about nail polish and caring for your nails by a lady named Katee. I subscribed to Katee’s blog, and really began to enjoy all the new colors of polish she had been “swatching.” Suddenly, I began to subscribe to other nail blogs like Vampy Varnish, All Laquered Up and Scrangie. Now I’m finding that I am OBSESSED with nail polish! I have been painting my nails every three days or so, always trying new colors each time I change. I have been looking for fun new colors everywhere I go, and have a small army of nail colors to try. Here is a picture of the colors I have bought in the last month alone:

I must ask people…WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME???


6 thoughts on “>I am possessed by nail polish demons…

  1. >I think you are in dire need of a nail-polish demon exorcism. We could get the guy from Criminal Minds if you wanted, but he seems a little too intense for this particular demon.

  2. >Pretty colors 🙂 I just painted my nails for the first time in ages, and I must be out of practice — it looked like a 7 year old did it! Haha…I’m going to keep it up though to get better again 🙂

  3. >Though since you are an expert now…:) do you have any favorite brands?? I always found that OPI was too thick, but liked the new Orly shade that I just got…never tried Essie but it seems good too. (I think your obsession is contagious…)

  4. >I had no idea that a nail polish blog even existed….but I am totally going to check them out! HAHAHA!!I like what Brooke said, I think you should paint each finger and toe nail a different color. 🙂

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