>Mental Tourette’s?

>I think I have Tourette’s Syndrome…but only in my head. That’s what I’m calling it anyway. I seem to have developed a knack for thinking of funny things at the most inappropriate times. Sometimes my little daydreams are so real, I actually almost do or say what I’m thinking out loud! It’s really going to get me in trouble sometime. Here are a few examples from the last week or two:

1) We were at the Veedersburg Community Palm Sunday worship service Sunday night at the Christian Church. This church’s communion traditions dictate that everyone drink the cup together. Some nice words of institution are said, and everyone drinks together. So, there we were, enjoying a serious, quiet communion moment with a hundred of our neighbors, and as we all tipped our cups back to take the juice, I wanted to swallow and shout, “OPAH!” like they do on My Big Fat Greek Wedding! I didn’t do it, of course, but just thinking about it gave me a little case of the giggles.

2) Last week when I was in New Orleans with Mom and Kelly, we attended a dinner with Mom’s associates on the board of the American Council on Gift Annuities. Five of the board members were retiring, so there was a nice dinner to honor them and their years of service to ACGA. At one point during the dinner, people were invited to stand up and say nice things about the people who were retiring. One man from our table stood up to recognize someone, and began talking a lot about things I wasn’t familiar with. This is not a rare occurance with the people my mother works for. I know jack squat about gift planning, annuities, laws pertaining to gift planning, bequests, blah, blah, blah. (Geez, I’m even boring myself just thinking about it!) This stuff is seriously over my head. So anyway, this really pleasant man is saying some really wonderful things about this other guy, but I was LOST because he was talking a lot of shop. The whole room was SILENT as this guy spoke, and being the polite, awesome person I am, I kept my eyes on him, smiling and nodding through his whole speech. Midway through his homage, my mind drifted a little, and I imagined myself just laughing out loud at something he said that I obviously didn’t understand. You know – one of those laughs that’s about half-fake, and says, “Oh no he di-in’t!” I snapped out of my daydream pretty quickly, but I was still pretty tickled with myself. I almost peed a little trying not to laugh in real life.

This is the burden that I carry folks. Anyone else out there with me? Besides Dr. John Dorian of course…


3 thoughts on “>Mental Tourette’s?

  1. >Wow, do I know what you’re talking about. In fact, a lot of my friends say they can’t figure out who I remind them of more…Elliot or JD…it’s bad.

  2. >Yeah, I get in trouble for that a lot too. Or, rather, get Chris in trouble (he lacks the self-control not to laugh). But for crying out loud, I have so much material to work with in life!You’re in good company babe!

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