>Today is Good Friday. What a solemn, somber day. Today we remember Jesus’ crucifixion. We know now that in three days there will be a resurrection that will shake creation to its very core, but today…today we mourn. I think, even as people who live on this side of the resurrection, we don’t fully understand just what happened that Friday hundreds of years ago. To think that our Lord would take on our sins as his own and die a criminal’s death to redeem us is enough to boggle the mind.

I want you to listen to this song (it’s not Tuesday…am I throwing you a curveball, or what?). It’s by Nichole Nordeman (one of my favorites), and it’s a song written from the perspective of a child watching the crucifixion. I hope these words both haunt and heal you today. Yes, our Lord is hanging on a cross, but he is up there paying our price. In three days he will defeat death, and will rise – and will invite us to rise with him.

It’s an exciting time for Christians – this holy week we find ourselves in. I hope you are trying to place yourself in the story this week…


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