My first post!

Hi!  I’m Katie, and we’re going to talk about FOOD.

I am not a professional in any way.  I am an amateur cook, an amateur writer and a very amateur photographer.  I love talking about food, learning new dishes and eating great grub.

You’ll see in posts to come that I can be a food snob at times, but eat at McDonald’s more than any real “foodie” should.  I love to cook, but am often too lazy to even turn on the microwave.  I love taking pictures, but really don’t know how to do it well.  I enjoy writing, but for some reason can’t nail down the whole “i before e” spelling thing.

My kitchen is rarely exceptionally clean.  I’m a little heavy-handed with salt sometimes.  My dishes and tools aren’t the best (but I make do!).  My photos are nowhere near awesome, but they’re getting better.  (If you are wondering, these photos are usually shot with my little Kodak Z915. Some may come from the iPhone 4 though if I don’t have my camera on me.)

I live in Indiana in the rural Western part of the state. I was born and raised in Indianapolis, and return there quite frequently.  Most of my restaurant reviews will come from here, although I will attempt to post reviews when we travel as well.

I don’t pretend to know all or do all when it comes to the culinary arts.  I’m just looking to have some great conversation about food – cooking and eating!



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