>8 Weeks

>Well, well, well…

I’m guessing that most of you know by now, but I’m pregnant again! I figured I should probably do some sort of pregnancy journal, and it seems like a blog I already have set up would be just the place to do it. It is my intention to blog about the pregnancy at least once a week, and each week I plan to answer some basic questions bout the pregnancy. Here we go!

1. How am I feeling this week?
At 8 weeks, I am definitely feeling pregnant. I have been exhausted lately, and definitely feeling nauseous quite a bit. I have yet to actually get sick, but I feel multiple times each day that I might just need to hurl! I have been sleeping with a big bowl next to my bed just in case. Around Christmas I was suffering from heartburn quite often, but I have tried to change my diet a bit to keep that from happening. It seems to be working so far. Today is my first day back at work, and I’m worried I won’t be able to keep up with my commute and work schedule. I only work three days each week, but a 55 mile commute means I still spend a lot of time on the road.

2. What is new this week?

I think I may need to start looking for maternity clothes soon! I’m not really happy about this, but I guess it means little Beanie is getting bigger and making room for his stay. Thankfully I have stretchy jeans and stretchy trousers, so maybe I can put the maternity pants off for a while longer. I also will probably need to start looking at new bras. My girls are HURTING and definitely feel like they’re starting to get bigger. (Oy vey…)

3. What am I excited about this week?

I seem to be getting excited about little things like bedding and decor for the nursery, and gear like strollers and playpens. I have plenty of time to figure out what we’re going to need, but I can’t stop looking at them online! I’m taking this as a sign that my psyche is getting more optimistic about what lies in this womb-o-mine.

4. What am I nervous about this week?
I’m still really anxious about the possibility of losing this pregnancy. To be honest, things look really great. Dr. A. said that the ultrasound and lab work couldn’t look better. I haven’t had any spotting whatsoever. Matt reminds me constantly that until we see signs that give cause for worry (spotting, cramping, etc.), then we shouldn’t worry! Yes dear. I hear you – just make sure I keep taking deep, calming breaths.

Another thing I’m worried about is the delivery. I know – it’s a long way off! But I worry that my arterial dissection that I had in May will prohibit me from having a vaginal delivery. I have always wanted a delivery with no pain medications too, but I have a feeling that may not happen. Whatever we need to do to get the baby here safely is obviously okay with me, but I’m just starting to wonder how the dissection is going to affect this moment in my life.

That’s that – Is there a weekly question that seems I have obviously overlooked? I just came up with them on my own – no research or anything. If you can think of something that might be a nice weekly question, just leave it in the comments below. BabyCenter.com suggests we should start taking belly pictures (actually, they suggested it for last week). I’m probably going to do them, but just need to figure out where to do them and what to wear and all of that. The fact that I am already very overweight will most definitely affect the way I show and all of that. You may not be able to tell for quite a while still. I’m not sure…anyone have experience here on being an overweight pregnant lady?

Anyone have thoughts about the sex of the baby? We’ll find out when it’s time (another 12 weeks or so), but it’s fun to speculate until then. Both of our younger nieces think Beanie Boo is a boy, and Matt and I tend to agree. Beanie’s heart rate was 136 when we had our ultrasound a couple weeks ago, and people (whoever “people” are) say that boys will typically be 140 or below and girls will be 140 and above. Something I notice the other day is that my feet and legs have not swollen at all like they did with the other pregnancies. I can’t help but remember that when my sister was pregnant with Kamryn, she was SO swollen, and with Harrison she didn’t swell much at all. Hmmmm…just something to think about. My family typically does a GIRL – GIRL – BOY cycle, but technically this is our third pregnancy. I don’t know – we’ll be happy with anything. At this point though, I kinda hope it’s a boy. We have settled on a fantastic name (IMO) for a boy, and are still bouncing around on one for a girl. Boy or girl though – I don’t care. Just give me a healthy, full-term baby.

Hope you all have a great new year! Can’t believe we’re already in 2011…


3 thoughts on “>8 Weeks

  1. >Yay for 8 weeks! The only other question I can think of is if you're craving or hating any particular food at the time of your post. I can't decide boy or girl. I was super sick for 21 weeks and the heart rate was 165 so everyone said girl but, we went in again today and he's definitely a boy!

  2. >Yes, I'm wondering about the "IMO," too. I'm guessing it's some kind of secret code for "I'm not telling." =) In the meantime, I'm still thinking boy. Who knows though! I'm usually more wrong than right when it comes to friends' pregnancies. As far as being fat and preggo, I just looked fatter for a good long time until my tummy "popped," which makes for a much more preggo look. It didn't happen to about 28-30 weeks, I think. Blah! Wearing maternity clothes helped me feel better, though, because they helped me "look" pregnant.I cannot WAIT to hug your neck and rub your belly Friday…AGH!!! I love you.

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