>Day with my Doodle

>We went to my Mom and Dad’s for family dinner night on Sunday, and ended up taking home a stowaway!  Kamryn wanted to come to our house, and we were so glad to have her.  It’s always fun to have her with us.  She’s so fun!!!  I thought I’d highlight a few of my favorite parts of the time we spent together:

1.)  She fell asleep on the way to our house from Indy.  Matt carried her in and laid her in bed with her coat on and everything.  I was getting her pajamas on, and she woke up insisting that we go downstairs for popcorn.  I told her it was probably too late and she was obviously tired, she shook her head, opened her eyes really wide and said, “No – see! I’m awake! My mom gives me popcorn every night, so I need to have some before bed!”  I tried to talk her out of it and even just tried changing the subject, but she always came back to it.  She gave me the sweetest look as we were talking about something, and she said, “Katie, I really think we need to have some popcorn now. We can talk downstairs!”  Too cute!  I took her downstairs, popped a little popcorn and watched about 30 minutes of The Little Mermaid.

2.)  We woke up Monday morning, and made our way to the kitchen for some cereal.  She was very excited that she and I were having the same cereal, and insisted that Matt have some too.

3.)  I had some music on shuffle as we were eating breakfast and hanging out in the morning.  Wicked’s “Popular” came on, and she got SO EXCITED!  We had to listen to the entire album while we put together a puzzle and got ready to leave for Lafayette.

4.)  We continued to listen to Wicked in the car, and I wish I had taken video of her singing “Defying Gravity!” Her face was so expressive – closing her eyes, furrowing her brow, gesturing with her hands, etc.  It was great!

5.) We drove to Lafayette to catch the noon showing of Tangled.  We were all really excited to see it, and it was  fantastic movie!  Beautiful illustration, beautiful story, beautiful all together. She really enjoyed it, and so did we!  She’s only 4, so she hasn’t quite grasped the concept of staying quiet in a movie theater.  A few times during the movie she would talk really loudly about what was going on!  Also, as the movie was beginning, I noticed she had snuggled up next to Matt and started holding his hand.  It was adorable!

6.) On the way home from Lafayette, we mentioned that we were going home to play with Pork Chop and get her things gathered so she could go home.  She started to pout and talk about how she didn’t want to go home – that she wanted to stay with us longer.  I loved hearing that! We would love to have her more!  I told her that she needed to go home, but that she could come back to our house anytime her Mommy and Daddy allowed – that she was always welcome at our house.  She tilted her head, gave me the sweetest smile, and said, “Awww, thank you so much Katie!”

I love spending time with my little KamDoodle!  She was such a good girl, and we had a lot of fun together.  She’s growing up so fast!  Soon I’m sure she won’t really want to hang out with her old aunt and uncle much, so I’m really enjoying it now!

We spent some time at Tippecanoe Mall in Lafayette for lunch and light shopping.

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