>10 Weeks

>Here we are at 10 weeks.  I know I just posted the 9 weeks post on Saturday, but I was late on that one.  Sorry!  This one is a little more timely…

1. How am I feeling this week?
10 weeks has me feeling not as nauseous or tired, but a little more cranky.  Okay, maybe I’m a lot more cranky.  I can’t tell if it’s a hormonal thing or a “I’M REALLYd TIRED OF COLD, WHITE, WINTER! BRING ON SPRING BEFORE I SNAP!” thing.  I feel like my belly is protruding a little bit, although not really much more than last week.  I continue to treasure the time spent either wearing my yoga pants or not wearing pants at all…  

2. What is new this week?

New this week is ACNE. 😦  I haven’t had a horrible break-out yet, but I have a few zits that have popped up suddenly in the last couple days.  I’m thinking I might have to try paying more attention to washing my face twice a day and moisturizing well and all that.  If my Grandma Alice ever found out how poorly I care for my skin, she would surely have my hide.  Please just keep it our little secret, mkay?  Another new thing this week is that I bought a belly band! My friend Aimee strongly suggested one, and I figured I’d give it a try to help alleviate some of the issues I’ve been having with my pants.  I haven’t tried it for a full day yet, but will probably do so soon.  It seems like it will work pretty well.  I tried it on tonight, and I think it will be good.  It’s got to be better than investing tons of money in new pants.
3. What am I excited about this week?

I seem to really be getting excited about the fact that this pregnancy could work out.  That we might actually be bringing a baby into our home in a matter of months!  We decided over 5 years ago that we wanted to starting having children.  For many years we couldn’t even get pregnant.  When we were finally able to get pregnant, we lost the pregnancies in miscarriage twice.  So far this reproductive process has been nothing but disappointment for us.  Here we are, pregnant for a third time, and we have had zero complications and have gotten to 10 weeks.  Could it be that this might actually end well for us?  It’s hard to wrap my mind around it after so much heartache.  It seems a little backwards, doesn’t it?  Most pregnant mommies can’t imagine losing that little one growing in their bodies.  I can’t seem to imagine mine growing to full term.  I have been having flashes of a daydreaming though – more lately than even a couple weeks ago – that we have a nursery in our home with well-loved toys and soft blankets and a cooing baby  warming our arms.  I’m hoping the farther along we get in this pregnancy that these fantasies seem more like a reality that we’re destined for rather than a dream.   
4. What am I nervous about this week?
Compared to most of the other anxieties I have been having lately, I know that this next one is rather silly.  It has been bothering me all the same lately though.  We have a dog named Pork Chop.  He’s a very loving dog, and fun to play with.  BUT – Pork Chop LOVES stuffed animals.  Most dog love tennis balls or chewies or whatever.  He LOVES stuffed animals.  He thinks they all belong to him.  He has tried on numerous occasions to steal them from small children who happen to bring them in our home.  This concerns me greatly.  I know he will steal baby toys, and will probably destroy them.  It’s really bothering me lately!

Also, I spent some time yesterday at my dear friend Jaime’s baby shower.  I sat at a table with some girlfriends (and new friends!) chatting about babies and childbirth and all that.  Oy frickin vey.  The childbirth stories the mommies at that table shared were a little too realistic. *gulp*  I’m not stupid when it comes to these things.  My sister and I are very close, and she has had two children and shared many details with me.  I have read books and talked with other moms too.  BUT – I think some of my memory of those conversations must have disappeared when I got pregnant.  I got a little freaked out yesterday talking with all those gals!  Poor Jaime – she’s going to face it a lot sooner than I am!  I’m sure I’ll get the dirt from her too… Oh my.

5. What am I craving or having aversions to this week?
Not really craving much or being turned off by much at the moment.  I still experience some frequent extreme hunger, but I can’t seem to figure out what I want!  It’s really frustrating, and it makes those cranky feelings mentioned in the first question really come out.  Cravings would be welcome at this point.  At least I would be able to figure out what it is that I want when it’s time to eat!

There we are – 10 weeks and counting.   I’m 25% of the way through.  According to Baby Center, the baby is now a full-fledged FETUS, and his/her major parts are all in place and set to grow rapidly in the next few months.  We’re still praying for a healthy pregnancy, although at this point all signs seem to be good.  We will be visiting the doctor a week from today, and he hopes to hear the baby’s heartbeat in the office that day.  I’m not sure what we’ll do if he is unable to hear it.  Hopefully he’ll send us over to the hospital for an ultrasound right then, because I don’t want to live with the anxiety if we can’t hear that baby.  That’s my fervent prayer this week.  Let’s hear that strong heartbeat next week!


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