Photos from Decatur

Matt and I went to Decatur, IL a couple weeks ago to visit his grandparents.  Matt’s parents and sister and her kids came along too, and I decided we needed to take the kids out to play (so I could snap pictures in the beautiful light!).  I got some great shots!  Clarissa (the youngest – almost 3) is always great about letting me take her picture, but the older two can be real stinkers when I get my camera out!  Well, there must have been something in the air that day, because Tayla (15) let me take lots of pictures of her!  I got some amazing shots – she’s so beautiful!  Damon (12) was even willing to pose for a few – after I promised to give him a dollar!  🙂  Here are my favorites


As always, the entire set can be viewed on Flickr – just click here!


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