Quick update…

I know – I’ve been absent for about two months.  Sorry!  I have so much to need to post and catch you up on.  It’s not going to happen tonight though – sorry! I’m sleepy, and I have to work in the morning.

Speaking of work – it’s going fantastically right now.  I have been really busy and productive at work lately, and it makes me feel awesome to know I’m getting so much accomplished.  I started a new list system for myself too, and I think that helps.  My job can be really demanding most days, so it’s nice to write everything down that needs to get done.  It helps keep me on track when I get derailed (which happens all the time).  One project starts, the phone rings, then e-mails come in, then the DS needs something, and suddenly I have a thousand things in the air and I can’t remember what I was doing!  This list is so simple, but it keeps me grounded and focused.  I feel amazing!

Speaking of feeling amazing, I went to the doctor about a month ago (with sinus issues – go figure!) and found out that I had dropped 9 pounds since I saw him earlier in the summer.  YAY! Go me!  Today I went back for a routine physical, and found out I had dropped 15 MORE in the month since I had seen him last.  SUPER YAY!  For those unable to do basic math, that means I have lost 24 pounds in just a couple months!  I’m so excited!

What have I been doing to lose the weight?  Well, I was diagnosed with diabetes over the summer, so I have really tried kicking my eating habits in the butt.  I’ve really cut down on sweets, been eating lots more veggies, less meat, etc.  I also am trying to decrease my portion sizes and not snack so much at night.  My food weak zone seems to be right in front of the TV, so nighttime can be hard.  I have also been trying to stay busy, so that helps.  I’m slowly changing the way I live my life – one day at a time.  I’m praying I can keep up with this, and that the weight loss continues.  I have a lot more than 25 to go, but that’s a good start, isn’t it?  My pants are all feeling big, but I think I’m going to resist buying new ones for a while.  🙂

On to the photography front: I have been snapping shots here and there – lots of photos taken in the last couple months!  My niece Kamryn turned 5 in August, and I posted those pictures here.  My nephew (her brother) Harrison turned 1 a few weeks after, and I have failed to post those pictures yet.  (Perhaps I’ll do that tomorrow…)  I also got a chance to shoot some great photos of my nieces and nephew, Tayla, Clarissa and Damon, a few weeks ago. (I’ll post those too!)  The biggest photo shoot though?  I actually got to shoot a wedding last weekend!  ACK!  I know.  It’s crazy.  Matt’s BFF Brad got married on Saturday, and he and his wife Sharon (seriously the sweetest person I think I’ve ever met) asked me to help with the photos.  I was SO HONORED to be asked, but I was also SO NERVOUS!  It ended up going really well, and I’m super happy with the photos.  I shot alongside Brad’s brother-in-law, Joe, so it made me feel better to know that if I missed a shot, he probably got it.  Once I get the all-clear from Brad and Sharon, I’ll post some of the pics here for you to see.  I want them to be the first to see them, and they’re still on their fabulous honeymoon in Mexico!

So I’m learning that the photography thing is turning into a really awesome passion for me.  After I had edited the wedding photos (narrowed 1200+ down to 320, and then edited each one of those!) I told Matt something to the effect of, “I love this!”  I just felt so fulfilled after doing that!  When I’m taking photos, I feel like I’m capturing life in a really creative way.  I feel like I see so much beauty in the people in my life – it’s really neat to finally be able to show them just how much I see in them!  I have snapped some great moments.  I’m not sure where this photography journey is going to take me, but I’m definitely in for the long haul.  This is too much fun and too fulfilling to stop!

Other than those big things, life is pretty good.  Matt is great, as always.  The pets are doing well.  Friends and family are all well.  I feel so blessed!  I hope things are good in your world too – wherever that may be…


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