Poetry Class

Smith Valley UMC has had a poetry class for the past few weeks, and we just wrapped tonight with a poetry reading.  This class has been great – a reminder to me that I enjoy writing creatively, be it in poem or prose.  It has inspired me to write more, and I look forward to seeing what things I can create.

This class has also inspired me to share things I wrote many years ago.  In 1999 I took a creative writing class at IUPUI, and enjoyed it thoroughly.  I decided I will start posting my work from then on this website.  I’m not going to edit it much – if at all.  I want these works to remain true to the person I was then (13 years ago!).  Part of me feels the need to warn you that I’m not always nice in my poetry.  One of the first projects for that class has a curse word in it!  I’m just being real, I suppose.  Staying true to me and the feelings I had then…

I hope you enjoy it!


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