This poem was written for the poetry reading we just had at Smith Valley UMC.  It’s a poem about my favorite eyes, and the man who sees with them…


The warm gold flecks glow when you laugh
And like embers pop sparks of joy to those standing near.

 The deep green brightens when you meet my gaze
And the cadence of my heart quickens with smitten excitement.

The gray grows bluer when you are deep in thought
And I wait to hear the swarm of ideas your mind has created.

These eyes
Saw me as a child
Loved me from afar
Captivated me as a young woman

These eyes
Sparkled in joyous anticipation as we said, “I do.”
Glistened as tears fell in loss and mourning

These eyes
Have seen me for who I am
Have loved me unfailingly

These eyes – these hazel eyes
They will watch me wrinkle and gray
And love me still.

Katie Swisher
August 5, 2012


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