I don’t remember what the assignment was here, but I wrote this poem about my mother.  I used to love sitting with my family, singing along as my parents played guitar.  When we got older, my brother would play guitar too, and it was a regular family jam.  I wish we still had them now!  Mom and Dad don’t play nearly as much as they used to, and I think my brother plays so much for his job, that he probably isn’t interested in a family jam anymore!


She grips the neck
Stares into space
Takes a deep breath
And places her long, slim fingers upon the frets.
She looks comfortable here.
In control.
Her fingers feel their way around the strings
And for once, 
She plays.

A fast tune it may be,
But the sound of her dripping heart is slow.
Her voice may be mild,
But her spirit screams
Yes! I’m free!”

I sit in amazement and watch her.
She’s so beautiful.
Life is all but easy for this country girl,
But she is set free by her music.
Singing at the top of her lungs now, 
Her soul is freed
All about the carpet for all to see.

Life is all but easy for her.
She cries
She loves
And hard moment after unbearable moment
Leads up to this.
The Release.

I sit and watch until I can take it no longer – 
Until I hear a voice from inside screaming
“Let me out!”
And so I sing.

Katie Swisher (née Kermeen)
September 1999


1 thought on “G-L-O-R-I-A

  1. Knowing your mother, you have nailed her. No matter how long ago this was written, she hasn’t changed a bit. She’s still the beautiful, life is anything but easy woman, loving unconditionally, seeking release. Wow!

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