From this…

…to this…

…in just six short years.

I’m so proud to be this girl’s aunt.  She is beautiful, talented, and smart, but my most favorite of her many wonderful attributes is that she has a HUGE heart.  She is so loving and compassionate and full of emotion.  Some days this means she’s extra dramatic, but often times it means she feels strongly and can really empathize with those around her.  This is a gift that is never easily learned.  I’m certain it will bring her pain at times in her life, but I hope she is always thankful for that big soft heart of hers.

With that sweet heart (and her infectious laugh, radiant personality and sparkling eyes) she has melted the hearts of everyone she meets.  We are puddles at her feet!

I love you Kamryn Diane!  Happy Sixth Birthday!!!

Love, Aunt Katie


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