>Don’t be stupid…Get Smart!

>Matt and I have had a really busy, stressful few weeks, so we decided to take some time and just go chill out for a while on our day off. We went to the new theater in Noblesville to see Get Smart. So many of our friends have suggested this movie. We finally caved in to peer pressure (come on, everyone else is doing it!), and I am so glad we did!

It’s a great movie. GREAT! Great cast, great plot, great fun. Not too bloody. Not any real nudity to speak of (okay, one really funny butt scene, but it’s just too cute to be offended by!). Not much foul language. It’s just wonderful! It will definitely be a DVD purchase.

(For my new friend Karen – the Icee’s were unavailable at our theater as well. BOO! We settled for Wild Cherry Pepsi..)


>You’re a handsome devil. What’s your name?

>Oh how my heart beats for John Cusack. Many years ago a friend made me watch Grosse Pointe Blank, and I was instantly smitten. Not too long after, I fell in love with High Fidelity (Are you kidding me? John Cusack AND great music? To die for…). Then I realized that he was in one of my all time favorite movies – Sixteen Candles. That sealed the deal. I have been loving John ever since. I’ll watch a movie just because he’s in it. They’re not always the best movies, but he’s always great!

The other night I was trying to find some sleepiness in front of the TV, when I saw that Better Off Dead was on. Um…yeah. I totally stayed up until 2:00 a.m. just to watch it! About halfway through I found the sleepiness I was desperate for, but John kept me awake way past my bedtime. Now my sleep clock is all funky, but I think it was worth it. 🙂